Dartford town centre retail and housing development revised

A Dartford town centre development at the junction of Market Place and Market Square has seen revised plans approved.

The initial plan, which was first covered on this site back in 2021 and can be viewed here on Dartford council’s site, saw 14 new homes above shops. That was then revised up to 23.

Original plan

Differences from earlier plans include darker brick on lower floors as well as the top floor.

Revised proposal

It’s a pretty smart looking building which will overlook the revamped public spaces in the area and sits opposite Dartford Park, which has also seen millions in investment and is now looking fantastic.

The area has seen millions in investment

More local residents in an attractive new build is good news for town centre shops. Like many others, High Street retailers have been struggling.

More footfall nearby can only be a good thing for retailers seeking extra custom allowing the centre to stay healthy in the long term.



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One thought on “Dartford town centre retail and housing development revised

  • Pity they removed all the pedestrian crossings, you now take your life in hand to cross from the library/park to the centre, as cars and lorries wizz pass at 30 mph rarely giving way to padestrians as the council intended. As this is a paved area it should have speed limiting measures in place and be limited to less than 20 mph, or bring back pedestrian crossings.


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