Corona Virus: Patient arrives at Lewisham A&E

A patient arrived at Lewisham Hospital on Sunday in a taxi after contracting the Corona Virus in China.

Two staffat the hospital are now in isolation at home after coming into contact with the patient. In a statement, the Chief Exec of Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust stated:


There has been a confirmed case of coronavirus from a patient who self-presented at the A&E department of University Hospital Lewisham on Sunday February 9. The test result was confirmed as positive on Wednesday February 12 and we have been in touch with all staff who came into contact with the patient. T

he patient went to St Thomas’ yesterday evening. Our colleagues in our emergency departments are following the latest advice and protocols from Public Health England. In this case, the patient self-presented at our A&E. As soon as the patient did this, the patient was given a mask and then escorted to be tested in the dedicated area we have assigned for coronavirus testing outside the A&E building – while awaiting the installation of a purpose-built ‘pod’.

As further assessment was required, the patient was then taken to a dedicated isolation room in the emergency department. In line with our protocols, throughout their care, the patient was escorted and did not come into contact with other patients. The patient was later discharged and taken home by London Ambulance Service. All staff who had direct contact with the patient have been contacted, including two members of staff who are undergoing active surveillance at home for a 14-day period as a precautionary measure – following the advice of Public Health England.

Arriving at A&E unannounced is NOT the advice to those who suspect have the virus. They should not leave homes and call 111.

News also out today shows China have apparently been under-counting those infected and dying from the virus. Two members of the ruling party have been removed.


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2 thoughts on “Corona Virus: Patient arrives at Lewisham A&E

  • Eek! How soon before it gets to Belvedere, and will I still be able to get to Morrisons? Seriously, wouldn’t it be great if we could remove members of our ruling party just for under-counting? The billions soon to be wasted on HS2 were under-counted and yet the ruling party manages to get in again after abusing the population for 9 years. More seriously, someone harbouring a deadly virus has managed to make their way from China to Lewisham without any checks – isn’t this all a bit worrying?

  • In just cannot believe this person was silly enough to call a cab and go to A&E which is full of people at the best of times. Instead of following the adivce on the television and in the newspapers.

    If you know you have travelled from China or been in contact with people who have recently travelled from China and are feeling poorly please call the NHS on 111 to get advice on what to do. We have a large chinese communitry in South East London so have to be extra careful especially if you have underlying medical conditions.


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