Plumstead High Street upgrade work continues

Work continues on a multi-million pound project to improve and upgrade Plumstead High Street as public spaces and buildings see a few quid thrown their way.

Perhaps the most visible change is at this green space relatively close to Plumstead station.

It was formerly a pretty basic green space with a few trees. Now it has raised planters and a splash of colour upon a meandering path.

Oddly after changes were approved was approved Greenwich Council rocked up last year to do what they love best and installed railings at a cost of thousands – even though they knew they would be removed shortly after.

And sure enough, they are removed. Still, a few grand spent on street clutter pleases someone.

Most areas covered by project (some other area not included in this map). Poundland Plaza raised a chuckle


Most pavement in that area is untouched, but it’s different a few minutes walk east as pavements are widened at the junction with Lakedale Road.

It was previously pretty narrow and cluttered here.

Before work begun

Plumstead fire station is located here though appliances are to be moved into a new extension round the corner facing Plumstead High Street.

Plumstead fire station extension now under construction

Pavements are also being widened near this point of the High Street:

And on the other side of the junction:

A few shops have also seen new frontages as part of the £5.2 million project:

Though many buildings along the High Street remain in poor condition above the shopfronts.

One positive is the revamp of a building long neglected.

The owner neglected the building for over 10 years until Greenwich issued a Section 215 notice which meant in effect sort it out or we will and bill you.

Mind you, council officers originally told councillors they had no power (not true) and then a councillor repeated that wholesale without question. Locals eventually had to point out they DO have powers when a building or landowner neglects a building or area.

Building neglected for years

Suddenly after the notice was issued, long-approved work begun and the building is no longer such a blight on the area.

Looking down Lakedale Road

Plumstead High Street work is pretty limited overall as Greenwich opted to spend much Good Growth funding on enticing a company to move from Greenwich to Plumstead.

The former “power station” was to see a market and small business space, but is now seeing millions of funding from this pot.

Plumstead is also seeing work on accessibility improvements now underway at Plumstead station, which was covered on this site last week.

Plumstead High Street has thousands of homes now being built nearby, with almost 2,000 coming at Lombard Square, 294 at the site of Woolwich college and 333 at a former care home.


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    One thought on “Plumstead High Street upgrade work continues

    • Pavement widened outside the Fire Station
      Now its one lane traffic no feed through into Lakedale Road
      So any car breakdown and all traffic is stuck
      Planned and implemented by donuts


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