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Man dead after stabbing near Plumstead High Street

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A man has died after being found bleeding from a neck wound around the Orchard Road area in Plumstead.

Orchard Road lies just off Plumstead High Street where the 53 bus terminates.

Emergency services state they were called to the area just before 6.30am this morning (October 28th) after reports were made of an injured man.

The man was taken to a East London hospital. He was pronounced dead at 7.53am.

The Metropolitan Police state: “Enquiries are underway to trace next of kin.

“We await formal identification and a post-mortem examination will be scheduled in due course.

“At this early stage there have been no arrests.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101.


  1. CDT

    Oh my god how terrible my thoughts are with the victims family and friends. When are these needless and totally pointless loss of lives going to stop.

  2. Graham

    They are totally pointless and needless loss of lives. There is no need or this kind of behaviour and certainly no excuse for this behaviour or using knives.

  3. Local Resident

    I live on a street off Orchard Road, Mount Pleasant Place. We are cordonned off and cannot leave our estate. This is shocking especially with it being on my doorstep. I can only see anther young life taken, I feel for the family of this man and my prayers are with them. However an important fact is being overlooked, this young man was not stabbed to death by a knife, he had a broken Budweiser bottle sticking out of his neck so it wasn’t a knife crime. That does not make the murder any less terrible, just that it is not another knife crime statistic.
    Forensics are still working here and the cordons are still in place as of 10:50am 29/10/20.

  4. Graham

    Because of the heading we just thought it was another stabbing so sorry about that Local Resident. Still another pointless and unnecessary lost of life.

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