Woolwich pub The Equitable closes

A pub in Woolwich on General Gordon Square operated by pub group Antic has closed.

The pubs Facebook page states “We are currently closed due to matters out of our control, which relate to COVID rent arrears.”

Inside the pub

It opened many months after covid lockdowns ended in 2020 despite other pubs operating again.

For my money this was the best pub in Woolwich and closure is a severe dent to the town’s evening economy.

The venue in the former Woolwich Building Society headquarters offered a characterful spot for a drink inside the listed building.

Since opening I’ve attended decent pub quizzes, seen live music and enjoyed DJ sets. The beer choice was also decent and it was often a reliably good spot. Far superior than corporate Young’s pub blandness for an evening out.


The closure is just a week before another “late night” event is being held in Woolwich funded by money from the Mayor to Greenwich Council, yet the “late” event ends at 8pm and does little to boost the evening economy.

Pub group Antic have had a number of problems in recent years and sold 14 pubs back in November 2020.

They’ve also long stated they’d open a second pub in Woolwich which never amounted to much. Planning applications came and went.

Site of proposed pub on Powis Street

Antic also operated the former Suttons Radio pub in Lewisham which closed.

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2 thoughts on “Woolwich pub The Equitable closes

  • Who owns that fantastic looking but run down building on Powis Street ?

  • Could they crowdfund for the rent arrears? Lots of people want this pub to stay open….


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