Another Woolwich estate rebuild approved at Brookhill

Plans to demolish 80 homes at the Brookhill estate in Woolwich have been agreed by Greenwich Council’s Planning Board.

In place of 80 existing properties will be 254 units replacing former MOD housing sold in the 1990s.

Plans were covered on this site back in May 2022 when submitted. Since then total numbers have reduced from 263 to 254.

Site overview

Alterations since then mirror what was highlighted at the time, with two blocks closest to existing housing slightly altered and moved further away.

In terms of “affordable” homes, “254 units include an overall provision of 49% affordable housing, comprising 50% London Affordable Rent (‘LAR’) (which include reprovision of 26 returning households) and 50% Shared Ownership, which has been viability tested and demonstrated to be the maximum reasonable.

“The scheme has a public subsidy (GLA Grant) to ensure the scheme can be delivered viably. ”

In terms of income needed for shared ownership, they will be “marketed at RBG income bands of £71,000 for 1 & 2 bed properties and £88,000 for 3 bed properties.


The site will see the loss of 47 trees to accommodate the development. It states “none of which are protected. As such, there is no objection to the loss of trees.

A robust landscaping plan with suitable tree replacement will mitigate against their loss and ensure replacement tree cover will be achieved in the future.”


The site sees blocks surrounding four green courtyards.


New residents will “not be able to access a resident parking permit, whilst existing tenants with existing parking permits will retain access to a permit for the duration of their tenure including those on Lord Roberts Terrace.”

There were calls for better wheelchair access, and the “applicant has subsequently agreed to provide a wheelchair lift or retractable electric wheelchair, this will be secured by planning obligation.”

Landscaped area

Anyone want to bet on how long that’s maintained?


Greenwich still havn’t sorted their Community Infrastructure Levy funding problem so there’s no income from that source for wider services. In terms of Section 106 income:

  • £114,183 towards the funding of additional health facilities in the local area, to be allocated in agreement with the SEL CCG.
  • £190,500 towards Greenwich Local Labour and Business Service (GLLaB).

That £114,183 for healthcare compares to a £2 million shortfall compared to what the NHS requested at another item discussed at the meeting.

Support and objections

The meeting saw support for redevelopment from existing residents who complained about poor maintenance and damp. Issues of damp were covered in my previous post on the plans in 2022, with homes built in the 1980s for military personnel and not to the highest standards.

Those living at homes near the proposed site complained about structures built near their homes. This included those at the adjacent Trinity Walk estate.

Trinity Walk estate. Brookhill redevelopment would be at far end of site

The newly approved plan adds to many more recently approved in Woolwich including:

Armourers Court will see four blocks above podium
Woolwich Central overview
482 homes beside Woolwich Arsenal station

Berkeley Home towers also continue to rise beside the Thames.

Woolwich towers three and four out of six at this plot

A block from Meridian Home Start is also well underway.

Woolwich Arsenal station located close to site

They’ll be 47 flats here upon completion.



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