Old Kent Road gasholder plan for 700 homes and park on display

Plans for a major development on the Old Kent Road at the former gasholder site are now online.

The proposal from Avonton mentions 650-700 homes alongside a possible lido.

It’s the latest gasholder site to see substantial plans with another in Belvedere set to see hundreds of homes.

Possible lido

Owner SGN demolished a gasholder in Greenwich despite opposition, but will retain one here given its Grade II listed status.

A new park will be constructed around the gasholder with towers planned alongside.

It’s the latest in a long line of proposals along the Old Kent Road. In recent months some sites have seen work speed up, with work now underway at the former Aldi supermarket site.

Draft plan

168 homes will be built above a new Aldi supermarket.

A KFC was further west was recently demolished after plans for a student block approved.

Coming at former KFC site

Demolition is also ongoing at the adjacent site named Ruby Triangle. Around 1,150 homes are planned.

Old Kent road ruby
Ruby Triangle project

Southwark Council also plan to demolish the Ledbury estate and replace with 340 homes. That was approved in June 2022.

New estate

The elephant in the room is transport and the stalled proposal to construct a Bakerloo line extension along the Old Kent Road to serve thousands of homes.

That proposal was due to terminate at Lewisham, at least initially. Another area seeing substantial housing growth.

Bakerloo extension plan is unfunded

Click here to view early proposals.

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2 thoughts on “Old Kent Road gasholder plan for 700 homes and park on display

  • When I see the scale of the new developments like Ruby Triangle it convinces me that now is the time to leave South London, before these turn into inevitable ghettoes with associated crime levels. totally out of proportion to levels of public amenities. Greenwich Park which is already overcrowded at times will be overun with associated problems of park maintenance. Property prices will suffer as a result. Wisest investment is leave while you can.

  • Unfortunately I believe you are correct Mr. Deeek Small!
    I’ve live all my live in the Greenwich borough and i’ve noticed how quickly it’s gone downhill in the last 10-15 years – problems mostly due to the increasing population.
    I’ve been warning for ages that there are gong to be consequences for high density building…..
    I’ve been looking to buy a house for ages, but i’m now definitely more open to look further our of SE London since I work mostly from home.


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