Crossrail crowd control may be in place tomorrow says Southeastern

Southeastern have stated that crowd control measures may be needed tomorrow at Abbey Wood station on the first day of Elizabeth Line services.

The company noted that those changing at the station from Southeastern services may need to exit the station and queue outside.

Train departs Abbey Wood on test. Southeastern platforms on left. Crossrail on right

There are three ways to cross from Southeastern platforms to the Elizabeth line:

1) Via the main concourse which is likely to be very busy tomorrow with passengers entering the station.

2) A bridge half way down the platform.

Abbey Wood station footbridge

3) A bridge at the western end of the platform that was a relatively late addition to the design.

Another change from initial plans was the removal of island platforms ensuring cross platform interchange. The advent of Plumstead Crossrail depot and sidings played a role in that change.

With services beginning tomorrow expect a lot of public interest and media coverage. Crossrail services to Paddington begin at 6:30am.

Main concourse

It’s forecast that in future many passengers heading towards central London will change at Abbey Wood. Footbridges will be able to handle that on an average day, but tomorrow will see large numbers trying the service on its inaugural day.

Yours truly will be visiting Abbey Wood station to take a trip on the line and look at glamorous locations such as Custom House.

Abbey Wood station

I’m also planning a post on things to do in the Abbey Wood area which will suddenly become known to many, many more people as London and beyond as it appears on thousands of display boards.

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    12 thoughts on “Crossrail crowd control may be in place tomorrow says Southeastern

    • Have a good trip on Crossrail tomorrow. As much as I’ve been anticipating it, I shall wait for a few days for the crowds to die down.

    • crowd control measures or not, im going to fight to the death for one of those purple souvenir oyster cards if i have to

    • Only a bridge across? no lift for mobility restricted and cyclists etc?

    • Please so post some recommendations for Custom House as we can all now get there quickly from tomorrow. The only attraction I can think of is the Excel centre, but there must some others things things to do there (except watch the airplanes take off at LCY!).

    • @MrDASmall – There are lifts. All crossrail stations are fully accessible.

    • Cannot believe the Elizabeth Line is finally part opening today between Abbey Wood and Paddington. I cannot wait for the full Elizabeth Line to be opened serving all stations. Have a safe journey everyone.

    • Looking forward to using the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line service. However, it is a real shame that some areas of the Boroughs of Greenwich still do not have a direct bus service to one of the two new Elizabeth Line Stations at Woolwich or Abbey Wood. So the new Elizabeth Line services still seems out of reach for many with out having to change buses adding to journey times.

    • @ Gresham there are parts of the Borough that have
      been neglected for years we when it comes to public transport. That does include parts of Kidbrooke and Eltham who still do not have a direct service to Queen Elizabeth Hospital l ok opened in 2001 let alone the Elizabeth Line which opened today.

    • * Sorry typo should read which opened in 2001.

    • @ Kay I agree the Westmount Road area in Eltham and the Rochester Way area in Kidbrooke both large residential areas still have no direct bus service to Queen Elizabeth Hospital or Woolwich Town Centre for the new Elizabeth Line Station. So residents lose out yet again.

    • @Woolwich Resident: I used to watch the trial runnings from Custom House as there is a good view of the tracks.

      I went to an exhibition at ExCel and instead of heading back to the station, I had a little wonder about. There is a hotel that looks like a giant yacht and statues that pay homage to the area’s past as working docks. As there is a waterfront walk, there may be other things of interest.

      I used to go out to King George V station to watch the planes taking off and landing at London City Airport.

    • @ Graham . Yes I agree where I live in Kidbrooke I have a long walk to either Well Hall Road or Kidbrooke Park Road to get a bus to Woolwich for the DLR and now Elizabeth Line. My elderly parents have the same problems getting to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital or Woolwich.

      It would have been nice for all areas of the Borough could have had a bus route to Woolwich for the Elizabeth Line. Residents in Greenwich have now seen their services cut to Woolwich now route 180 goes to North Greenwich instead of Greenwich and Lewisham.

      Sadly Kidbrooke and Eltham are always the forgotten areas of the Borough when it comes to public transport links etc.


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