Silvertown Tunnel running overbudget and behind schedule

A new report from Transport for London has revealed growing cost pressures and a slipping opening date for Silvertown Tunnel.

The Programmes and Investment Committee report states that costs are £12 million over budget. So far £73 million has been spent of what was due to be an eventual cost to TfL of £173 million.

That is now up to £185 million and expected to rise.

Both tunnels will converge south of Thames. Note no bus lane which ends at tunnel exit

They note the possibility of further increased costs due to inflation and a lack of skilled workers, noting the potential for “significant” changes:

“The main change in EFC since the last report is owing to further inflationary pressure, particularly around land purchases and resource.

“The project team continues to seek opportunities including reviewing non-essential scope. Significant risks around land compensation and ground conditions remain and if these were to materialise, it may have a significant impact on the EFC”


The projected opening date has also slipped by 20 days since the last update to the Board.

“Since the last report, however, ongoing shortages of skilled labour and supply of construction materials has seen a movement of 20 days, from mid-April to early-May 2025.”

Bus lane ends shortly after exiting tunnel

They do not mention the recent worksite fire which caused tunnelling to stop.

A consultation on bus routes planned through the new tunnel is currently underway. There are only two planned, of which one is an extension of the existing 129 from Lewisham to North Greenwich.

The other is an express bus X239 from Grove Park.

Proposed routes

A tunnelling machine is currently around 460 metres along according to private consortium Riverlinx building the tunnel, who will recoup costs via tolls on both the existing Blackwall Tunnel and Silvertown Tunnel.

The report also states that the Rotherhithe tunnel will close for upgrade work when Silvertown opens.


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3 thoughts on “Silvertown Tunnel running overbudget and behind schedule

  • What a surprise, going from bad to worse, soon to be unbearable no doubt.

  • No surprises there. You are so right Derek soon to become unbearable no doubt. The Mayor of London sold the Silvertown Tunnel to many as public transport friendly with many bus routes running through the tunnel which would have helped a little with traffic congestion. No bus services through the tunnel from Eltham Woolwich or neighbouring Borough of Bexley. Westhorne Avenue sees very high levels of traffic congestion and air pollution. So we will high levels of traffic Congestion and air pollution with roads becoming grid lock as the do quite often if there are problems with the Blackwall Tunnel or Dartford Crossing. You cannot believe a word of what Sadiq Khan Mayor of London says any more. A lot of empty promises..

  • why is the poorest borough being targeted by Sadiq Khan, and Tfl. surely all crossingscacross London should be chargeable to make it fare why are crossings in central London free to use. one rule for the poor and 1 rule for others.

    all bridges should be toll to offset thecost of the Silvertown link and bring all in line be equal. we already pay to use Dartford crossing. with Silvertown tunnel and the Woolwich ferry to be toll rds. so should all bridges across the Thames.


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