DLR to see extra trains on some routes as TfL reveal timetable changes

Services on the DLR network are set to see substantial change this autumn as Transport for London reveal a number of service revisions.

One major improvement will be extra trains every two to four minutes to Lewisham in turn doubling services between Stratford and Canary Wharf.

DLR timetable changes are set to begin on 26th September across a number of routes including:

Improvement coming to DLR services here

Stratford to Canary Wharf

They’ll be quite the boost here as during the weekday peak services will increase from every 6-7 minutes to every four minutes.

DLR train on Stratford branch

Off peak trains during daytime and early evening services will run every 5 minutes rather than every 10 minutes. This is a big plus personally as I’ve been using this increasingly often recently.

Stratford is the site of major development and will see through Elizabeth line services from November.

New homes beside Stratford station

Stratford to Lewisham via Canary Wharf

DLR on the Lewisham branch

During the morning peak every other train from Stratford will continue to Lewisham. That brings services as frequent as every two minutes between Canary Wharf and Lewisham via Greenwich.

Quite the boost for many new homes rising in Lewisham and Greenwich.

New homes surround Lewisham station

Canning Town to Beckton

Custom House interchange between the DLR and Elizabeth line

Improved services here will assist with interchange between the DLR and recently opened Elizabeth line at Custom House, where forthcoming plans see many new homes.

The Canning Town to Beckton shuttle is returning during off-peak and will now run for the first time during peak periods.

Canning Town is another area of major development.

Development near Canning Town station

That change brings frequencies up to every four minutes during the peaks with twice as many services and a doubling to every 5 minutes during off-peak throughout the week.

Since Crossrail begun I’ve been using this stretch more sometimes taking a train to Custom House and changing. This doubling of services makes that even more appealing.

Custom House station

TfL state all lines will benefit but there’s no mention of the Woolwich Arsenal branch, though it already has one of the best services with trains every fives minutes all day between Woolwich Arsenal and Canning Town.

TfL state “This change is being delivered by redistributing existing resources to better support how customers use the DLR – particularly now the Elizabeth line has opened.”


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