Superloop SL5 bus from Bromley to Croydon to see single-deckers due to trees

With confirmation of a new express bus between Bromley and Croydon as part of the Superloop there was one detail less well known. Buses will be single-deckers.

It will be the only Superloop route of out 10 in London not to see double-decker buses and the reason given is low hanging trees.

Courtesy Google. Trees on South Eden Park Road

Arriva will operate the SL5 service with tender results stating the use of existing diesel single deck buses.

The route will run from Bromley North station via Bromley South then onto Eden Park station and towards Croydon town centre.

Bromley North station at end of route. New homes recently approved beside station

The contract with Arriva is short at 14 months which will presumably allow double-deckers if and when demand increases or when someone turns up to trim some trees.

Services will commence in spring 2024 alongside other Superloop routes from Bromley to Thamesmead and North Woolwich to Walthamstow.



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    3 thoughts on “Superloop SL5 bus from Bromley to Croydon to see single-deckers due to trees

    • Trees are not going to be hacked to pieces to allow double deckers on a route that probably won’t need them anyway.

      • Never travelled on the 119 at school time then Ken?

    • We need a more frequent 162 service to relieve the existing packed service, not a superloop into Croydon… Where can we leave feedback for the powers that be?


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