Greenwich footbridge replacement for Silvertown tunnel: Plans in

Plans have been submitted for a replacement footbridge across the A102 in Greenwich to be installed as part of Silvertown tunnel works.

The structure will replace a 1960s bridge which currently spans the road on the same site, linking a proposed Travelodge hotel on Boord Street with Tunnel Avenue on the other.

Current bridge spans Blackwall tunnel approach

The A102 is being widened to eight lanes where the existing bridge stands.

Design revisions since consultation include the removal of mesh on the roof of the new structure.

Earlier plans

It is however retained on both sides rather than using transparent panels.

The ramps do not include mesh above handrails.

Hopefully it ages better than recent footbridges in Abbey Wood built as part of the Crossrail project.

Abbey Wood bridge

The mesh cage feels somewhat oppressive, limits views of who is on the bridge both when approaching and using the bridge. The bespoke colour used has turned into a bit of a mess.

It’s not doing much to engineer feelings of safety or encourage active travel.

The Silvertown footbridge is in a striking shade of yellow. Whether it stays that way when graffiti appears and someone turns up to paint over it remains to be seen.

The application mentions: “At ground level, the low-level undersides of the stairs are clad to avoid anti-social behaviour and to provide a continuous detail.

Public art displays have been proposed to provide functional as well as aesthetic enhancement.”

Winding ramp on existing bridge
Public realm

Both sides of the existing Greenwich footbridge contain poor quality public realm which I recently covered, with modest improvements planned.

Looking down Boord Street to footbridge site

The western side will see greater changes:


This side of the A102 is set to see 1,500 homes in coming years at Morden Wharf. A Radisson hotel opened nearby on Tunnel Avenue.

Not people friendly

This project nor other mitigation funds – which amount to a modest amount – are due to be spent improving much of the wider area which will remain one of the main links between Greenwich Peninsula and the rest of the town.

Click here to view and comment upon the application.

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    2 thoughts on “Greenwich footbridge replacement for Silvertown tunnel: Plans in

    • I walked across the old 60’s footbridge in 2019. Not really a pleasant experience above the busy A102M. Noisy, smelly (vehicle exhaust fumes) and i was the only person crossing it in a mid Saturday afternoon.
      These structures – pedestrian footbridges and subway tunnels are always intimidating in terms of personal security, safety and cleanliness. Even with good lighting and CCTV they are still uninviting ?

    • Who have Ikea bribed to get the bridge this colour?


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