The Bird’s Nest pub redevelopment in Deptford: Plans submitted

Plans are in for redevelopment of The Bird’s Nest pub site in Deptford.

The Creekside venue would see 31 homes constructed on site either side of the existing building.


Initial plans saw buildings of nine storeys:

Initial proposal for Bird’s Nest site

This was later reduced to five floors after it was there were “concerns regarding the proposed scale and height of the development.

The site development needs to respond contextually to the scale and character of the immediate streetscene and the wider conservation area.”

That was revised further towards the final submitted plan.

Street design is very poor

So-called “affordable” housing is just 13 per cent.

Public realm in the area is pretty awful and something Lewisham council should work to address given a number of developments in the immediate area.

Community Infrastructure Levy income to Lewisham Council will total £198,520. Lewisham’s rate here is £100 per square metre before indexation.

Developments in area viewed from passing DLR. Housing block on right and former Tidemill school conversion to housing to left

It was also recommended: “the southern end of the Bird’s Nest Public House is opened up to provide views towards the Creek.”

Provides significantly improved amenity space which opens up Deptford Creek.

Other Deptford creek developments have promised to open up space for the public then remained gated to the public ever since.

Creek path on Norman Road closed ever since completion

The application provides a brief history of the site, with the pub formerly known as the Oxford Arms.

It states “The venue has been a hub for music and art since the 16th century when Deptford Theatre was attached to the pub.

In the latter half of the 20th century the pub evolved into a renowned international music and arts venue. The pub continues to be a hub within the community for artists and musicians hosting not only live music events but also art exhibitions and visual art installations.

Under construction opposite site

Over recent years the pub and the surrounding sites have become a locale for creative businesses.

The pub recently fell into administration however the local community and businesses continue to work to keep the pub open with the existing tenant for the benefit of the local community.”

Street views within the application show proximity to new flats under construction nearby:

Pretty handsome design

Other developments approved nearby include 209 homes at the former Tidemill school site and housing block alongside:

Under construction

Sun Wharf:

Sun Wharf beside Deptford Creek

And towers beside Trinity Laban:

And that’s just the Lewisham borough side of the creek. A number of major plans have been approved on the Greenwich side, where developer pay a lower rate to the authority from the Community Infrastructure Levy at £70 v £100.

Seen from Deptford

One of these is Saxon wharf. Plans appear to be in the process of being revised, and will be covered on this site as details emerge.

Click here to view.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    8 thoughts on “The Bird’s Nest pub redevelopment in Deptford: Plans submitted

    • You don’t seem to be aware of all the work being done on a big, and funded, community project to open up a Creekside Walk. (or indeed of the history of the Birds Nest site)

    • Thank you John for another very informative article.. I like the, Birds Nest development. It is a shame affordable housing is only set at 13% of the whole development.

      The Birds Nest Pub was a great venue for music and the arts and can be again. With public realm improvements and opening up space to the public this will be a great asset for the local community.

    • Maryorelse, some of us near neighbours are not aware so perhaps you could enlighten us ?

    • Taking the birds nest pub away is destroying the community

    • As a former Deptford boy. I feel the community of Deptford is being destroyed. Local communities are being wiped out and replaced by Soulless buildings which only brings isolation to the modern Londoner.I am all for modern development however do not forget local people that live there all their lives.

    • As long as the pub itself is preserved and crazy rents don’t kick out the landlord it seems good.

      Mary – You seem to love taking a pop but give no details of what you’re referring to nor comment on issue such as Greenwich Council taking a softball approach with developer since 2015. Why?

    • I agree Steve B. But sadly now days it is the people who are born and bred in areas like the area around the Birds Nest in Deptford that are forgotten and ignored by Developers and Local Authorities when it comes to planning developments


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