Deptford’s 1132 home ‘Timberyard’ development moves forward

The Timberyard Deptford Aerial CGI
Timberyard in centre, Convoys Wharf site top right, Greenland Place on the left

The development formerly known as ‘The Wharves’, aka ‘Oxetalls Road’, has now re-branded as ‘The Timberyard’, and it appears to be moving forwards toward imminent construction. Sales are to begin in mid-February on this vast scheme in north Deptford.

Here’s one of those puff pieces advertising the scheme. It does though have some nice aerial visuals of the entire site. Skip to 29 seconds.

Lend Lease are behind this. They’ll be two towers – one of which is 24 storeys. 1132 flats and houses will be included in total. The Victoria pub is thankfully to be retained. A comprehensive look at the scheme by Deptford Dame can be seen here.

timberyard deptford

timberyard site plan

Substantial car parking spaces will be provided, both here and at other large developments nearby. With proposals to toll the Blackwall tunnel if the Silvertown Tunnel opens (which will also be tolled) many people will head straight to Rotherhithe’s tunnel which’ll greatly increase congestion in this area. This lies between the two. TfL formally applied for permission to build the tunnel today.

London Overground isn’t much cop as an alternative. It’s packed as it is. The extension of every train to five carriages only just completed has already seen most of the additional capacity almost entirely taken up according to TfL board papers. Going up to six carriages isn’t possible without extensive rebuilding of stations which would likely mean some stations closing permanently such as Rotherhithe and Wapping, and others for long periods during reconstruction such as Canada Water.

Comprehensive and workable plans for this increase are needed. They’re yet to appear.

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