North Greenwich river pier revamp planned for Thames Clippers

Plans are in to alter the river pier and pontoon at Greenwich peninsula built to serve the Millennium Dome.

The pier was constructed to serve what is now the o2 and the use of canopy’s very much reflect that structure (as does those at Charlton station where a connecting bus ran in the year 2000) and the prevailing design trends of that time.

Charlton station. Similar design language to the o2 and pier

As the above image shows, they aged pretty quickly and 20 years later are less than sparkling. Canopy’s are translucent ensuring accumulated dirt is visible below.

Current pier

The nautical theme with canopy’s resembling sails used at the turn of the Millennium also played towards Greenwich’s maritime heritage.

New structure

Replacement buildings include “a single large translucent canopy to connect the two buildings – the existing reclad public waiting room building and the new staff service building for Thames Clipper”.

A new structure on the pier is pretty basic with materials including “Galvanized Steel Cladding, Circular Porthole Windows, Translucent Corrugated Roofing, and Brushed Stainless Steel”:

A new structure offers greater protection to those waiting than the current canopy.

There are also plans to another Thames Clippers pier on the west side of the Peninsula – though little has been heard about that for some time.

Planned pier on the west side of Greenwich Peninsula

Plans were submitted over four years ago and yet still no decision has been made.

There’s yet another pier planned near Morden Wharf with 1,500 homes approved as well as tentative plans for one at Charlton Riverside.

Possible pier in area

You do have to wonder how slow the service would be with so many stops. Others are planned on the other side of the Thames including Blackwall.

Blackwall Yard

This is a new addition since TfL released a river service strategy in 2019.

You can view the new planning application here.

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4 thoughts on “North Greenwich river pier revamp planned for Thames Clippers

  • You might also note that the pier at North Greenwich is on the site of the Gas Works jetty and that some parts of that (very major) structure remain as supports

  • I remember there were also big plans for the cutty sark pier, is that still going ahead?

  • The new pier design looks like a minimalist Dutch houseboat. I quite like it.

  • I like the new design of the buillding and it will give passengers better protection from the elements while waiting for Thames Clipper services.


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