Hotel plan at Greenwich office block

A Greenwich office block has seen plans submitted to alter use to a hotel.

The application states in regards to the building at 40 Stockwell Street: “The existing office space is half full with tenants paying reduced rent, due to the current climate.

Going forward the space is not viable for office use, due to the increase of working from home.

Hotel use represents a more economical viable use of the building within an attractive tourist area.”

Ibis next door

Seventeen rooms would be provided if conversion occurs.

The application uses the somewhat outdated planning policy EA5 relating to tourism which states:

The number of visitors staying overnight in Royal Greenwich is relatively low, principally due to a shortage of hotel space, particularly in Greenwich which has a concentration of high-profile tourist attractions.

The lack of ability to accommodate overnight stays is currently limiting the level of spend per visitor.”

In recent years a wide range of hotels have opened and others approved, including at the former Magistrates Court:

300-room hotel planned on former Greenwich Magistrates site

There’s also expansion plans at the Hilton:

Click here to view plans.


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3 thoughts on “Hotel plan at Greenwich office block

  • i’d hope the planning commitee can see updated stats for tourism and office space occupancy levels. pandemic has changed everything. That rule also fails to compare expected spend within Greenwich centre by tourists overnight-ing compared to office users, who may also use local businesses, and not only at peak times like tourists are in the main. Also Greenwich centre is already ‘overtouristed’ and the park for example suffers now there are many more thousands of local residents and people want outside green space in the ‘new’ world. Also unfair that Airbnb providers are limited to 90 nts a year here whereas hotels are 365. If airbnb is criticised as taking away accommodation dearly needed, then hotels using current space do the same, and do not provide income for local residents like Airbnb letting a out a spare room can. (and residents often rely on the extra income which in turn can be fed into the local community.) It’s a spiders web of choices and the stats are essential. A mixed use office/residential may be more beneficial.

  • A rise in tourism should come with a tourist levy of a few quid per night per romm/airbnb to fund the infrastructure needed by tourists and to benefit residents. Easy.

  • I hope the standard for conversion to hotel use is better than for residential.

    Airbnb funds the pockets of the property owner who frequently does not live on site. The business model is facing fierce opposition around the world with many cities, New York for one, openly banning them. Airbnb is also subject to concerning levels of scamming.


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