Homes set for approval at former Plumstead leisure centre

Proposals to build 17 homes look set to be approved if Greenwich planner’s guidance is followed next week.

Councillors will decide at a meeting on Tuesday 7th September on the plan.

The Speranza Street site formerly housed a leisure centre until it was merged with Plumstead library at a new site next door.

Rent rates are London Affordable Rent and homes will be managed by Greenwich Council.


There will be 14 car parking spaces for 17 homes – a high level for new London developments.

Parking spaces trump extra homes despite the borough footing millions in costs with 1400 in emergency and temporary housing – a figure that is rising sharply with many families unintentionally made homeless being housed many miles from London.

One bay of seven parking spots could accommodate a house or two with modest redesign, but parking takes precedence.

Parking also appears to trump play space with the report stating:

“The total area of play space proposed is 118m2 (ages 0-11) with a total requirement of 265m2.

The shortfall of 147m2 (12+) is proposed to be mitigated by a financial contribution of £10,000 which would go towards the provision of suitable play equipment/ playspace enhancements for children aged 12+.

Given that Winn Common and St Nicholas Gardens are within 0.4 miles of the site and would provide alternative playspace within a suitable walking distance, these mitigation measures would be acceptable.”

However it’s a steep hill to Winn Common and St Nicholas Gardens has chronic problems with anti-social behaviour.

One reader has regularly emailed the site highlighting various issues and how authorities have not responded. Fights, aggression from some groups and sex workers using the area (amid other issues) are long-standing issues.

With a large number of bus routes and a rail station at the other end of Plumstead High Street, are the council again ignoring their constant reports on going green and sustainability with this level of parking?

The option to limit parking to those who are disabled and car club spots is ignored.

There’s 35 cycle spaces and money for training, so people can buy a bike, train and then give up when they see the numerous cars illegally parked on Plumstead High Street.

The proposed development includes 2 x 1-bed homes, 10×2-bed and 5 x 4-bedroom units.



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    9 thoughts on “Homes set for approval at former Plumstead leisure centre

    • Cars are going electric and with renewable energy increasing to a point where 43 percent of electricty in the uk is generated from them they will quickly become a sustainable solution, your short sightedness is a common theme in your articles when it comes to parking spaces, road infrastructure is going be as important as ever, people like cars and espically after this pandemic.

      • Electric or not a city with a rising population will see ever worse congestion with more vehicles.

    • @ John another very imformative article providing information that we do not get to hear about from anyone else. Thank you and keep up the good work.

      @ Ahmed I would like to see more space for children to play in a safe and secure environment on this development and all new developments so children can enjoy playing outside again. Which it vital to childrens health and well being.

      Not many people can afford to go out and buy brand new electric cars on their lower to moderate salaries after they have paid their rent or mortgages.

      If people abide by thge rules on public transport with regard to face coverings and wear a face mask which is compulsary on TFL services than travelling by public transport would be a lot safer for all.

    • @Ahmed, there’s certain irony to you using the term ‘short sightedness’ when it’s short sighted views like yours that are the problem. We’re too dependent on cars and it’s unsustainable, with or without electric vehicles. There isn’t the road space and the knock on impacts in terms of congestion and people’s too sedentary lifestyles are too great.

      You say people like cars. But people also like smoking and junk food. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be encouraging them to make better choices.

    • building parking spaces reduces the amount of people parking on the side of the road narrowing roads, investment into trains can allow buses to be phased out in the far future they are antiquited form of transport and will be dead the moment self driving cars are more mainstream and advanced

    • Land is far too valuable and expensive just for parking and it is up to local authorities to control bad parking. Greenwich council has lost millions in parking fines because of its dumb refusal to address the problem in any serious way. Phasing out buses? This is not a serious response surely? Trains go to stations and not people’s front doors as many bus routes do. I am a driver and car owner, but I probably walk or use buses more and save the car for journeys where I really need it – big shop or a DIY shed.

    • @Ahmed, the way to reduce the amount of people parking is to reduce the amount of cars. It should tell you something that on average a car in London spends 96% of its time parked up.

      That’s an incredible waste of space and resources and shows it’s our model of private car ownership that’s the problem. But hey, it keeps the motor industry and private finance companies in business.

      We need fewer cars on the roads, whether they’re moving or sat parked. Sticking an electric engine in or technology that won’t be able to deal with the hazards on our roads won’t make a blind bit of difference.

    • it would be hard for buses to compete with with self driving cars that are worth a years salery of a bus driver there will be a future where we hop into self driving cars and get where we need to go.

    • Great article. The REAL SHORT SIGHTEDNESS is that self driving cars will be managed by providers like Uber and car ownership will DROP because who needs a car when u use a few clicks on an app and a car turns up at your door.

      These parking spaces are a waste of land and could have accommodated another house or two. Poor show Greenwich again. GREAT level of research highlighting the playground aspect, that is some real journalism going deep into council reports.


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