Plan for homes at Plumstead bus garage site back on the agenda

After a delay of over two years Greenwich Council have released an updated plan of where future homes, shops, factories and more will be located.

One of the plots covered is Plumstead’s bus garage which could see mixed-use developments with the bus garage moving to a nearby site.

The idea has been mooted a number of times and makes sense. The site is currently isolated within a one-way system but that should be changing soon as Peabody develop housing directly beside.

Peabody site

The Housing Association are looking at up to 1,800 homes here:

New homes by Plumstead gyratory

The current street scene will radically change:

West Thamesmead Gateway plans

There’s ample land just east of the current site for a new bus garage beside private White Hart Avenue offering access to Thamesmead’s dual carriageways.

The current site is also ideal for new homes given the plot is not too far from Plumstead station and Woolwich Crossrail station. Public realm work is planned to better link sites in this area to Plumstead station.

What it comes down to now is whether Stagecoach will sell up. Given  potential for a sizable payday and an ideal site a couple of hundred metres east, then this would appear quite likely to happen in coming years.

I will cover more plans across the borough at various sites in coming days. The plan is years behind schedule as seen below with Stage 3 only now beginning:

Much in the new plan is already outdated and overtaken by events given how far behind schedule they are, but there are some snippets of interest.


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5 thoughts on “Plan for homes at Plumstead bus garage site back on the agenda

  • There have been whispers in the past that Stagecoach may look for a new site which should be able to easily accomodateall the buses that operate out of the current Plumstead Garage.

    It does seem to make a lot of sense to redevelop this area which is in need of regreneration. It it also close to the Peabody development as mentioned.

  • The garage is owned by Transport for London and leased to Stagecoach.

    • I think you’ll find the garage is owned by Stagecoach. The only garage leased from TfL is West Ham.

  • Thanks Chris for the update. I think the other side of the road between opposite Plumstead Bus Garage between Plumstead Station and the Greenwich Islamic Centre should also be redveloped or fully refurbished with As many of these buildings including the old shops look in need of refurbishment and the public realm could do with some upgrading.

  • Instead of building a new Plumstead garage. Why don’t Stagecoach just buy Bexleyheath bus garage from London Central they can move their routes to Morden Wharf garage except route 89 which can go to NX.

    Then Stagecoach can operate routes:

    Bexleyheath Garage: 96, 177 ,422 , 472 , 380 , B14

    Bromely Garage: 61, 124, 146, 161, 273, 261, 314, 336, 354, R7

    Catford Garage: 47, 53, 54, 75, 122, 136, 199, N53, N199

    Kangley Bridge Road: 181, 284, 356, P4


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