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Multi-vehicle accident in Plumstead

Courtesy Google

An accident involving at least three vehicles has occurred on Herbert Road in Plumstead this evening.

It’s believed one vehicle may have hit a wall. Emergency services are on scene.

Bus route 386 is disrupted. TfL state:

“Route 386 is diverted due to a collision on Herbert Road in Greenwich. Services are diverted via Plumstead Common Road, Nightingale Place and Ha-Ha Road – missing stops from Herbert Road / Plumstead Common Road to Nightingale Place in both directions.”
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  1. Nicholas Rooke

    This is what happens when police do not put speeding cameras 🎥 on the roads and idiots fly around over speed limit around plumstead lower rd to plumstead common Winn’s common etc

    Eventually someone gets hurt or killed

    A car does not get far speeding eventually you hit heavy traffic is it worth it !!!!

  2. Steve

    There’s plenty of traffic calming on that road to satisfy any anti speed campaigner.
    An total idiot in a car will just as likely have an accident at 15mph or 50mph.

  3. HK

    I agree with Steve.
    People usually target speed as a means to reduce accidents, but it’s more to do with driving attitudes and really poor anticipation.
    Everyone is so in a rush to get where they are going, they become reckless, tailgating, break last second, don’t bother signalling etc.
    I witnessed a really aggressive driver near Moloborough lane (sp?) so was revving his engine, beeping his horn and becoming verbally aggressive – not sure what the other divers could do as there were road works on Shooters Hill Road (single lane and traffic lights).

    We simply need more visible traffic police as a visual deterrent.

    If there was a policeman with a speed gun by Trafalgar road (near the maritime museum) after 7pm, they catch plenty of really reckless drivers racing/speeding in the bus lane!

    Once caught, they should punish them harshly! It’s the only way they’ll learn

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