New Plumstead High Street pub near library to be named Plumble

A proposed new pub on Plumstead High Street will see licensing plans heard tomorrow.

Pub group Antic are behind the proposal – name Plumble – which is located near Plumstead library at the former Kinara centre. Police are objecting to the venue’s opening.

In recent years Antic have operated then ceased trading a few pubs across south east London including the Woolwich Equitable on General Gordon Square.

Woolwich Equitable before closure

That was due to problems over rent.

They also opened then closed Suttons Radio in Lewisham.


Other pubs such as the GPO in Eltham transferred to another operator back in 2020.

Eltham GPO

Though not all have shut. Deptford’s Job Centre pub is still going though renamed the Jam Circus.

Plumble plans

Antic had sought opening times of 9am until 00:30 Sunday to Thursday each following day and until 01:30 each following day Friday & Saturday. It’s unlikely they would use all those hours but it offers operators flexibility.

In the event, Greenwich Council weren’t happy and now it’s 10am to 23:00 Sunday to Thursday and 10:00 to Midnight on Friday & Saturday. However, in a letter they do state:

“The area is densely residential and, historically, noise complaints have been received about other licensed premises in the vicinity with hours less than those you are applying for.

“The timings can always be reviewed / varied in the future should there be no issue as to the conduct of Plumble”.

Plumstead has lost many of its pubs in the  area and along the High Street and this specific site may seem a little odd. Footfall isn’t the best down this end of town and it’s some way from the rest of the High Street and railway station.

It’s a bit of a trek back up the hill after a visit for many in Plumstead (a few drinks may help there) while the question is are there enough people in lower Plumstead? The Plume of Feathers located nearby is closed and is now being redeveloped.

Closed and now being redeveloped

The pub building is listed and will remain – but whether a pub ever opens again remains to be seen.

Others nearby in the area which closed include the Electric Orange. Further along the High Street others have closed in recent years.

Proposed pub on right between TK Maxx and former co-op not opened after a decade waiting

Antic don’t always have the best record of opening – see numerous applications and still no open pub on Powis Street in Woolwich after a decade so let’s see how this site shapes up.

Oh, and don’t expect happy hours. They’ve been blocked as part of conditions. Boo.



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    2 thoughts on “New Plumstead High Street pub near library to be named Plumble

    • what plumstead high street really needs is a reduction of takeaways

    • Great use of a a disused building. Concerning the Met don’t think they can maintain law and order in a building a 1min walk away from a Plumstead police station!


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