Building housing former Lewisham pub Suttons Radio to see extension for housing

A building which housed the Antic pub Suttons Radio until 2020 is to be extended if plans are approved.

The proposal would see residential units created on upper floors, which may perhaps jeopardise the chance of a pub reopening – or at least one that doesn’t close early at 11pm.

According to the application, upper floors are currently vacant and would be converted into flats.


An additional two floors would be constructed on top of the structure.

Design evolved from that seen on the left below to the final design seen to the right:

Design changes

Additional residents on the High Street will contribute to sustaining commercial outlets, though hopefully not at the expense of a decent pub in future.

Suttons Radio used to open until 12 on Fridays and Saturdays.

In total nine flats will be located in the building if plans approved.

Click here to view details of the application.


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One thought on “Building housing former Lewisham pub Suttons Radio to see extension for housing

  • I am a firm advocate of high street living and welcome the development of the upper floors. May the freeholder would prefer a different type of tenant for the ground floor, so don’t hold out for the return of a pub.


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