Accident near Blackwall Tunnel causing delays in Greenwich

An accident on the southbound A102 is causing traffic tailbacks to the Blackwall Tunnel.

The exact site is beside the Charlton car pound.

Traffic is due to increase across Greenwich borough according to TfL. See red dots. In PR they only refer to traffic at the tunnel portal

This is exactly the sort of incident that will be worsened when Silvertown Tunnel opens, as the plan is for another traffic-load from the new tunnel to head into the existing southbound road.

Kent-bound traffic having exited Blackwall Tunnel. Traffic exiting onto local roads to avoid queues

TfL themselves predict extra congestion each afternoon once the tunnel opens.

TfL predict an increase in PM traffic along A102 and A2 in Greenwich

While north of the Thames the tunnel’s traffic is a few hundred metres away from the existing Blackwall Tunnel, south of the Thames it feeds into existing roads almost immediately.

Click to enlarge. Four lanes converge in Greenwich onto A102 instead of two at present

That’s something the latest PR leaflets being dropped to households from TfL explicitly fail to mention.

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One thought on “Accident near Blackwall Tunnel causing delays in Greenwich

  • August 24, 2021 at 5:00 pm

    Those leaflets are such a whitewash. And with the shift to electric vehicles it will neglect the case for reducing emissions (although it will take time I admit). I also think that the shift to EV will increase congestion – if we all have clean emission free vehicles that run on renewable power (as UK will largely be) a lot of arguments for benefits of public transport and efficiencies will be lost.


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