Police close enquiry of driver videoed abusing pedestrian & driving wrong way down street

In recent weeks pedestrians in Greenwich have taken to videoing drivers heading the wrong way down roads in Greenwich at speed to avoid queues.

One such driver stopped and verbally abused a pedestrian. Videos were passed to the police who have now responded. See what you think:

It’s hardly likely to do much to engender trust given the footage has been seen by thousands and clearly shows the car, plate and driver.

If the vehicle isn’t traceable, is the person using fake plates? Isn’t that worth chasing?

And is driving the wrong way down a narrow road at speed ok alongside verbally abusing people?

They never put out an appeal on local social media to find the driver. Apparently one VRM check, no result and nothing can be done.

The person who captured video states:

“Several of my neighbours have filmed abuse and dangerous driving. The police did not ask for my footage or that of my neighbour who was also filming. I was not interviewed. Two neighbour’s have had near misses this week”.

Is it any wonder so many drivers have taken to ignoring road rules in the area if this is the response when presented with evidence?

This was the chaotic scene this past week in the area as inaction on dangerous driving sees many drive the wrong way down streets:

The image above shows three cars alone on the wrong side of the road.

So look twice when crossing roads in the area as the green light appears to have been given for people to now drive how they want.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

15 thoughts on “Police close enquiry of driver videoed abusing pedestrian & driving wrong way down street

  • On the first day of the Euros the police have scored a spectacular own goal.

    They will know that motorists who use false plates are inevitably involved all sorts of other crime. Maybe they’re not interested in folk driving dangerously and then foully abusing members of the public in front of kids (although I am), so why not pursue this low life and see what else he’s up to?

  • This is why I don’t drive, people are so rude, aggressive and entitled. There is an anger and hostility epidemic in this country. Poor woman was being verbally attacked for doing nothing illegal yet these @ss holes who actually break the law get to walk away. She is a brave woman considering this could have escalated – the man was clearly aggressive. We insult developing world countries as being lawless and corrupt but its the same here.

  • I agree Chris L these investigations do need to be re-opened and continued as your rightly point out if you have false plates then you are clearly up to no good and in some cases have not passed a driving test and or have no insurance.

    We also know again as rightly pointed out by Chris L motorists who use false plates are inevitably involved all sorts of other crime.

    These incidents which are bad enough could be much more serious with some one being seriously injured or worse.

    This incidients must be fully investigated.

  • Totally agree with comments here, this needs to be followed up, its either a shortage of police manpower or that they are instructed to not take such matters seriously with thorough investigation. It’s a really ‘bad show’, and the person who wrote the report’s literary standards leave a lot to be desired, aren’t police supposed to be educated to degree standard these days? (as professional health workers are).But that’s a minor issue, the complaint must be further investigated. My trust in local policing for road traffic is at an all time low. Had a couple of youths scare me to death on the pavement last Sunday in Trafalgar Road, on the ‘illegal’ motorised scooters, dressed in black head to foot, couldn’t see any of their faces just eyes, laughed as they made me jump and shot past at around 20mph. About time police got out of their cars and back on the beat, preferably on a decent e-bike so they can catch and fine (current fine £500) these idiot drivers and scooterists who flout the law knowing chances of being caught are negligible. Rare to get this many comments on this site so its obviously an issue which grates on people. How can it be pursued Murky?

  • The response from the police is laughable. They clearly don’t give a damn just like the idiot driver in the video.

  • Utterly embarrassing.

  • I just found the vehicle on the DVLA site, so they couldn’t have put too much effort into this …

  • They don’t care. The police officer probably didn’t even bother to check.

  • That’s because the part about the license plates was just an excuse to not pursue the matter in the first instance. This is because most Police have the same personality type and socio-political viewpoints as the car driver remonstrating with the woman in the video. They would immediately identify with, and be more sympathetic to him in this situation because he’s ‘like them’.

  • The response is barely literate and I had no idea there is any such thing as a Mist investigations team. That report looks like a scam email pretending to be the real thing, but littered with spelling and grammatical errors.

    Seriously, PC? needs lessons in English and how to search a computer database.

  • One of Johnson’s nebulous “20,000 ‘new’ police officers” maybe.

    ‘A Clockwork Orange’ comes to mind …

  • Seconded, CV58*EYN** isn’t registered, so I bet they’ve misread the plate or made a typo. Hopefully the person making the complaint sees this and can follow it up.

  • I saw on twitter that someone from the force is following up that ludicrous response and has asked for the crime number. It’s a documented moving violation already reported, so just get on with the investigation. 😡

  • John / All – are you aware of whether there has been an update on this? It would be good to apply pressure on the Met to see that at least a caution, if not a fine, is served on the hostile driver. This should be then publicized locally.


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