Pavement parking now apparently fine in Greenwich borough

Spend any time in Greenwich borough and it quickly becomes apparent the authority have a long standing issue with a dysfunctional Highways Department.

This is often manifest in decades-old design thinking around streets. Yet even they should know that since 1974 vehicles cannot block pavements in London.

Permitted it would seem

However for years it appears not. Various excuses have been given over the years for failing to enforce. One old favourite used to be it was down to a private company they’d outsourced to.

Recently yet another has popped up as an excuse to do little while pedestrians are hampered in various areas.

“We made it exempt” they now claim. OK, well in London if that’s the case lines must be marked on paving.

Where pavement parking is permitted in London. 

Marked bays are required so vehicles stay within lines and people still have a chance to pass. Greenwich are not doing so.

Firstly in Abbey Wood this is fine we are told.

This is ok according to Greenwich Council

Today they’ve claimed it’s allowed in Woolwich.

In effect this means people in wheelchairs, parents with buggies and those with mobility frames cannot use pavements on bin day. Or other days if a car parks without leaving adequate space. Greenwich Council won’t do anything.

From Living Streets

Anywhere could now be exempt. No one knows. Highways and Parking departments have been asked, and given baffling replies. They won’t provide a list. They certainly aren’t making it evident on the street itself for drivers or pedestrians.

Free flow of pedestrians doesn’t matter.

This lack of action then has the follow-on effect of numerous bits of street furniture installed costing thousands of pounds. Most is ineffective if they fail to act on pavement parking either side.

This is a classic example:

Just park around the bollard

Much street furniture is simply ugly dragging down the feel of areas and doing nothing for civic pride. Abbey Wood is apparently a place where parking off the road is now fine, and so naturally what follows is nasty railings being installed all over the town rather than enforcement.

Many of Greenwich’s recent strategies around healthy living and transport are nullified by an arbitrary and secretive process which is anti-pedestrian.

Time and again they’ll commission a report, spend thousands and ignore what it states through action such as what we are seeing.

Extract from Greenwich’s 2019 report on encouraging physical activity

The Parking Department also sees millions lost each year through failing to act. That income can do wonders for improving towns and streets across the borough – and is being lost. Then the same departments blame outside bodies and state TfL must fund improvements as they have no money.

Try doing your job, maybe?

Permitted? Greenwich would say so

And where are many councillors on this? When asked they seem to buy into the nonsense replies that Officers and Departments tell them. Leadership is absent.

Then weeks later some will pop up proclaiming active travel and making streets safer for pedestrians.

All while little happens to improve matters on the ground.








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One thought on “Pavement parking now apparently fine in Greenwich borough

  • Could this render some fines already issued void as the authority aren’t making it clear where it is and isn’t pemritted to park?

    If a temporary exemption for an event or lorry but it seems they’re using the excuse for years.

    It seems random. We had a letter one day stating footway parking was no longer allowed in our street. News to us that it ever was. How would anyone know as there was no signs to tell drivers or anyone else?

    Then a year later in around 2018 one person decided to entirely park and block a pavement every day to avoid parking about 15 metres away. The height of selfishness which blocked young schoolchilrden in partiucular heading to school with parents. We told Greenwich council who didn’t act. So we tried again. Then told it was allowed as footway exmption much as those people told. Between the letter saying it wasn’t and contacting them nothing had changed. We had never been notified so who changed it and why? How would anyone know? It all seems suspicious.


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