More racist graffiti appears – this time in Greenwich

More racist graffiti has been discovered sprayed onto trees at East Greenwich Pleasaunce near Westcombe park station.

It follows swastikas and other symbols painted on a Blackheath bank and Charlton restaurant over the weekend.

Anyone with information is being asked to call Greenwich Police quoting CAD 340/26JAN20



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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

21 thoughts on “More racist graffiti appears – this time in Greenwich

  • This is terrible I cannot believe we are experiencing this in the Borough of Greenwich.

    I have never heard of incidents like this before and I have lived in the Borough all my life and to the best of my knowledge their as been no known problems between the British and Jewish communities who have lived side by side happily for years and years.

    So why have this terrible racist incidents started now on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

    I hope the culprits are caught very soon.

  • Absolutely Lord Lew Can. Your spot on there.

  • The rise of populism is fuelling growing intolerance. Minorities of all stripes are being targeted, but Jews and Muslims are at the forefront of the hate. The people who do these things are not amicable to reasoning or education.

    • Maybe anonymous you’re correct, but the problem is a lot of anti-semitism comes from the Islamic community over the Israel/Palestine issue – that is one thing that gets overlooked, it’s not all white skinhead thugs!

      • They tend to not sit well with ‘White Power’ slogans, Stormfront Celtic crosses, and Swastikas though, for obvious reasons…

      • Easy to pin the blame on one section of society than look at the overall picture. As I said before, minorities are the main targets of intolerance.

        • Exactly.

          They’re also the first targets of ‘divide and rule’ stratagems by politicians who couldn’t care less about any of them, including the white-working class.

  • Again I have to agree with you Spinek and Anonymous201481.

    My heart goes out to those communities affected by hate crimes.

    Is there any need for it? The simple answer is NO. Let people live their lives in peace.

  • ” A lot of anti-semitism comes from the Islamic community over the Israel/Palestine issue – that is one thing that gets overlooked, it’s not all white skinhead thugs! ”

    HK that is also a very valid point that you made above. To be honest it is one which I and I am sure many others had not considered,

    Lets hope they who are responsible get caught soon whoever they maybe.

  • Wrong context though; hence obfuscates the actual issue.

  • I just hope we have seen the last of this distasteful offensive graffiti.


  • Maybe the context isn’t relevant in this case, but I was just making a general point. Extremism needs to be tackled but it has to be tackled in all areas. Thankfully groups like Stormfront and other Neo-Nazi groups are a tiny minority.
    As someone who is brown-skinned, i’ve unfortunately heard comments growing up that were quite distasteful about Jews assuming that I would agree with them just because I share the same skin colour as them!

    I would guess that these graffiti incidences are the same person(s) who have just targeted the area like certain crime gangs, only then to move on somewhere else.
    I just can’t see that these people are residences of the borough (I hope).

    • Fair points

      “I just can’t see that these people are residences of the borough (I hope).”

      = Considering it may only be one person I can easily see it being someone from the area. Have even met people like this in my many years living here, also online communities can radicalise/ influence anyone irrespective of location. Most actors of this type are aged between 15-25 yrs.

      • Actually I should have said that I can’t see that the person(s) involved are local Blackheath residents.
        I do know there are certain areas that have a reputation eg Eltham, Thamesmead, but i’ll be extremely surprised if they live in the immediate area of Blackheath Standard and Westcombe Hill…

        I normally walk a lot around the area, to and from work (early hours and very late hours), and touch wood I don’t think i’ve ever worried about being racially attacked or abused.

        • I lived in Blackheath for some years, close to the Royal Standard. Met a few interesting, literate people there, but also some bloody awful ones. So don’t feel it’s beyond the pale.

          Maybe I misunderstood your intent based on how you wrote above.
          ‘The Borough’ includes Thamesmead, Erith, etc.

          It’s all supposition in any case.

  • I also live near Blackheath Royal Standard. I really and sincerely hope we have seen the last of this in the Borough of Greenwich,

    Why cannot people just live together side by side peacefully and accept other people for who they are.

    If they are not hurting or abusing you or members of your family leave them alone an and Let them go about their lives.

    More people need to start to know their own minds and not be so easily influenced or manipulated by others which often happens in gangs. As these people really do not care about you or what happens to you.



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