30-storey tower planned beside Greenwich school

Early plans for towers up to 30 floors have been submitted to Greenwich Council on land beside St Mary Magdalene school.

The school opened late last year with an initial 450 pupils that will rise to over 1,600 in coming years.

Pupil intake will ramp up with a sixth form also due. Eventually it will have pupils aged from 3 to 18.

According to the submission, plots will comprise “480 residential units in total, within 7 blocks of varying heights. There will be a maximum of 49 parking spaces (including 15 blue badge spaces) and provision for 808 cycle parking spaces with 13 short stay spaces to be incorporated in the landscape design”.


The lack of parking spaces is due to an emphasis on public transport. However cuts to buses such as the 472 have been announced. The 180 is being diverted from Lewisham to North Greenwich station but substantial increases in capacity is not on the cards.

The Jubilee Line upgrade was also scrapped in late 2017.

At the time TfL said a dip in passengers was behind the move, yet passengers numbers on the tube are now rising steadily once again.


The forthcoming application should analyse all these elements in the area:

  • Severance
  • Driver Delay
  • Pedestrian and Cycle Delay
  • Pedestrian and Cycle Amenity
  • Fear and Intimidation
  • Accidents and Safety

Many of these tests would be passed if analysing the area between the site and north Greenwich but it’s another story to east Greenwich and reaching amenities to the south.

It’s pretty bleak.

Previous plans and subsequent developments in the area have seen very little change.

Developer Knight Dragon are expecting to submit detailed planning in April 2019.

Click here to view the scoping report.


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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    5 thoughts on “30-storey tower planned beside Greenwich school

    • Sadly I don’t think much will change soon either. Royal Greenwich will almost certainly send almost all income to GLLaB again and ignore pedestrian safety and appeal plus attempting to encourage active living. The chance to give a spark to east Greenwich from thousands of new residents will go begging as they won’t do much for the area in between.

      Still, they’re all for helping small business right?

    • I hope you read my posting on the GIHS blog this morning about Enderby House and Lay Lines. As it happens the Council have been very very helpful.

      There are things going on on the Peninsula — some of which are community based and some of which are developer funded. I know that things could be better – and there are lots of ways in which ‘regeneration’ should be more thought through. Its not easy and one problem with the Peninsula is the way ‘regeneration’ was tackled early on by non-local agencies. Every successive generation seems to think its just about hardware.

      The transport isn’t good – again originally developer and government led – and thinking though the Jubilee Line in the late 1980s would have made a crucial difference (although those of us who said so then were derided).

      Anyway – look at the blog – its about a small group of elderly historians trying to make difference. You could do the same ……..

    • Pathetic provision for parking!
      I know we should encourage people to use public transport more, but there are occassions people use cars – ie what about a family who come and visit residents? The tower blocks are horrendous for young families, and discourage a real feeling of community.
      All that will happen are these areas becoming secluded and cut-off!

    • How doe’s a concrete jungle make sense? They need to stop building shoe boxes as so called homes and build real houses for the health of our comunity.
      The plan looks horrendous the school is over shadowed by these high risers
      where these developers have no care about the people they are putting in, but just making money with no regard to the future!!
      In 20 years time I would not look forward to the impact these flats have on the mental health of residents.

    • All that happens is that people park illegally and make the environment worse for everyone. Greenwich Council does nothing to enforce parking restrictions so it’s a free for all. This is what has already happened on John Harrison Way and other parts of GMV.


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