Falconwood housing block design revealed

An online event this evening saw some of the first images released of planned housing at Falconwood.

The block is pretty utilitarian and the colouring doesn’t entirely convince, though it’s hard to get too worked up about.

Detailing is decent enough in places, though ultimately what we have is a box.

Instead of what appears to be grey render, brick on certain facades would be more contextual. This isn’t great:

Better with brick? Looks rather drab

Greenwich Council’s off-shoot developer Meridian are behind the plans which would see rented homes at 65 per cent market rate. Not as low as social housing (typically around 40 per cent), but this is the the type of homes that me and my family might have half a shout of getting.

We currently rent privately and it would offer a decent discount. With no wealthy parents to support us which seems to only way for many to buy these day, and demand for social housing so great we would never reach the top of the list. Hence Meridian offer a decent shout.

And unlike private renting, they’d be stability without a private landlord being able to evict at any time. Not great with a child.

I’m sure these plans will see cries from those lucky enough to be in secure social housing or homeowners who once again state “we don’t need homes” when they really mean is they don’t need a home. Lucky for them.

It’s incredibly frustrating to hear people comfortably off stating things like that – and it happens time and again unfortunately catching the ear of some politicians who fail to see the wider good of certain new housing.

It’s mainly car free. Not a problem given it’s about 30 seconds to bus stops and Falconwood railway station with frequent trains to various areas of London.

If you have a car, don’t move there. Simple as that. I’d be happy there.


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    4 thoughts on “Falconwood housing block design revealed

    • It’s not very graceful. No problems with height here given transport but if you ware to make something that is higher than the surrounds a bit of elegance is needed.

      Many old farts on SEnine are moaning about it but then on that page they always do about *anything*. It could be great design and they’d whinge – which is why those who flat out moan get ignored so often.

      Hopefully some reasoned comments will see alterations.

    • Great points made on Meridian in article.

      Development looks excellent. Visuals could’ve done without the Boris Johnson-esque figure on the back left abjectly trying to menace the families in the foreground …

    • Meridian Homes are only dicking around the edges of housing needs. It is not interested in the substantial numbers of people who need properties of this type who could afford the rent. Opposition from residents is but one side of the coin.

      The render looks attractive enough, but it doesn’t mean this will be what is ultimately built.

    • Eleven storeys will not be in harmony with the surrounding area.
      The development will be sandwiched between two noisy roads and next to a rundown parade of shops.


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