Plans for 83 new Falconwood homes: Consultation to begin

Consultation is due soon on plans for 83 new homes at a site close to Falconwood station.

Meridian Homes are behind the project at Shepherds Leas which will see all 83 homes for rent at 65 per cent market rate.

The site is car-free for most except 8 disabled spaces. Given the location is a minute’s walk from a high-frequency station and bus routes this makes sense.

Often when this site highlights new housing some comments on parking pop up, forgetting that many younger people in London – who will move into homes like this – do not drive.

Base of new block. Greenwich have previously refused to improve public realm in the area

If someone really is wedded to their car, simply don’t move to a car-free development.

There are many people who would be happy to live one minute from a station that takes them to various locations quickly and easily.

Mind you, using the underground emblem for a national rail Southeastern station gets that pedantic itch going. If it was a tube station fares would be cheaper than on Southeastern for one thing.

Existing homes

The site is currently vacant but contains 18 homes.

Greenwich Council purchased the site from Crown Estates and offloading management to Hyde Housing Association. It is rather low density given the excellent public transport links.

The roads and public realm around the site are not great on foot. 456 local people previously called for improvements and Greenwich Council did what they often do, and plead poverty pinning responsibility for improvement onto TfL.

Courtesy Google.

A report for councillors gave the impression that funding was solely down to TfL via the Local Implementation Plan, when in fact most London boroughs top up TfL’s allowance using funs from parking revenue and developer income. Greenwich is one of the very few London boroughs – and bottom in the capital among Labour boroughs – in failing to allocate money from those sources to top-up the fund to improve streets and public space.

Since that refusal to act they have authorised 60 CCTV cameras to issue fines for illegal driving. That is expected to bring in £15 million per year. Given by law all income from fines has to be used for transport projects, any attempt to please poverty and attempt to shift the blame isn’t believable.

An online exhibition is to be held on 10th June 2021 between 6pm and 7pm. Click here for details on how to view.

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3 thoughts on “Plans for 83 new Falconwood homes: Consultation to begin

  • Goods to see a new dvelopment being built for rent. Being close to Falconwood Station the location would be ideal for young professionals and key workers looking to rent.

    Although I would like to see improvements to the frequencies on routes B15 and B16 both still only every 30 minutes in the evenings and on Sundays.

  • What about local trades people that have to drive vans? We want to buy property’s too and require parking. And 99% of these new builds do not have parking. And your not entitled to a local parking permit with these new builds under the terms of your lease.

    • The more people who can love in flats like this means less family homes with parking being converted to flatshares with insufficient parking. This frees up housing with parking.


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