Consultation on future of Lewisham borough ends soon

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Lewisham Council’s Characterisation Study is looking at the future of the borough and consultation ends soon. The study is studying the “physical form of the borough, its history, places, streets and buildings”.

New build planned in Lewisham beside station

The document is a hefty 38mb long and the first since 2010. Given current conservation areas in the borough, to give one example, are hardly well maintained (*cough* Deptford) you may be forgiven for being cynical of what the point is.

As I covered last year, Lewisham borough house building targets are being increased substantially under the London Plan from 1,400 to 2,100 new homes per year. They’ll be a fair few more towers in Lewisham yet. Catford is also a major growth area with retail sheds near the two rail stations in line for development.

Work underway at Lewisham

A lot is dependent on the future Bakerloo Line extension, which at this point is only going as far as Lewisham and if it opens before 2030 I’d be surprised.

Lewisham borough reached a population high of 327,000 in 1931. Post-war policy saw an eventual decline to 215k by 1991 as inner-city clearances, industrial decline and new towns led to reductions. It’s now back up to 318,000 and expected to pass the 1931 peak soon.

After this consultation the document lists these future steps:

  • The first stage – consultation with the borough’s Local Councillors, followed by consideration of comments and necessary amendments to the study;
  • The second stage – public consultation for four weeks followed by consideration of comments. Responses will be recorded in a separate document and necessary amendments made to the study.
  • The Study will then be reported to committee for finalisation.
  • The ‘Responses to the Characterisation’ document then will inform the new Local Plan.

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I’m running an Easter appeal to help with the site. Info here.

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3 thoughts on “Consultation on future of Lewisham borough ends soon

  • Much of Deptford is a festering eyesore with decayed shopfronts and potholed side streets filled with rubbish.

    New developments have been plonked down all over the area with nothing done to uplift the surrounding area. Whilst the Deptford station courtyard is filled with ‘street food’ stalls and expensive drinking places, the patrons go back to their enclaves at the end of their day in ‘vibrant’ Deptford.

    • Anonymous201486. Erm, more than one misnomer in that speil. Either new developments are happening ‘all over’ or the area is a festering eyesore. Make your mind up. Perhaps word of mouth trumps facts or evidence in your case.
      I suggest walk around Deptford after 6pm, you will find decent bars and restuarants dotted all over, not just Deptford Yard. By the way new professional residents add diversity to Deptford, its amenities and services. Perhaps you never got the memo but rigid class schemas from the 1980s are now null and void. How about you substitute those with intell.

  • Anon201486 look above the shop fronts to an historical vibrant gem and consider many of the longer term population who are too busy resisting rampant council funded gentrification and developer lead “uplift” to afford designer beer. And maybe worry less about how the value of your gaff is or isn’t increasing.


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