Franco Manca pizza restaurant set to open in Blackheath

Pizza chain Franco Manca are set top open a branch in Blackheath at the former Avacado Garden.

The site at 58-62 Tranquil Vale was a Giraffe restaurant beforehand.

The popular chain will provide some stiff competition for Pizza Express next door, who havn’t had the best time of it in recent years.

Franco Manca opened a branch in Greenwich back in 2019. Pizzas tend to start at just over a fiver with the majority below £10.

It should open in October this year, though as of yet there has been no plans uploaded onto Lewisham’s planning page. Then again, they’re never the quickest at uploading applications for public perusal.

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10 thoughts on “Franco Manca pizza restaurant set to open in Blackheath

  • I wish Franco Manca Pizza good luck and every success for the futire. Good to hear of new businesses opening after such a difficult time for the industry over the last 18 months.

  • Another pizza place?
    There is already the 0 degrees, pizza express, and Bianco 43, do people eat nothing else?

  • Hope they haven’t been hit too hard, the industry is going to see a bit of a comeback as soon as things get back to some level of normalcy.

  • @ Bill It is good to see new businesses opening and shows we are now starting to get back to some normality. The

    The important thing here is that Franco Manca are creating new jobs for local people with so many hospitality jobs were lost during the pandemic.

    Many of the new jobs in the hospitality sector are likely to go to our younger people

  • Not to be a downer but there’s another branch in Greenwich, basically the other side of the park/heath. Wonder why they didn’t think about a branch a bit further away like Charlton/Woolwich/Eltham.
    I love Franco btw

  • I hope that they put some money into the refurb for making this location properly accessible.

  • Agreed. It would be nice if there was a bit of difference between the two areas. It’s nice to do the walk from cutty sark to greenwich on the weekend and have some new options of where to eat. I say this with the announcement of Gail’s opening up shortly in Greenwich too. They’re basically ending up as a mirror of each other!

  • However saying that I would love a Boulangerie Jade over this side!


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