Is lockdown dead? Blackheath sees mass gatherings on a daily basis

Is the lockdown on its last legs? In recent days public spaces such as Blackheath have seen daily gatherings of large numbers of groups as friends meet up on a daily basis.

Yesterday was the latest day when many groups congregated on the heath. Enforcement did not occur.

One witness states:

“I go past the church every day as part of my running route, I’ve seen the common busy with groups of people but they’re usually in their own bubbles of 4 or 5 and well distanced. “This was just a free for all of people, at least 50, they looked like they were mostly teenagers but there were some older with swanky cars. “There was music being played, dozens of nitrous canisters on the grass, it was like a party. I was pretty shocked by it.”

“I ran back around because I wanted to see if it was going to get broken up by police, I saw two police vehicles, one car, one van, both drive through the church car park. Neither stopped. I couldn’t believe that, there was no dispersal attempts, no engagement. Even pre-covid this sort of behaviour would surely have warranted police action.”

Locals were also irritated by many leaving behind mess in various locations.

Today the Government have revealed gatherings may be permitted next month – though in many places it seems that ship has already sailed.



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11 thoughts on “Is lockdown dead? Blackheath sees mass gatherings on a daily basis

  • I have to say that looks pretty quiet compared to the beaches of Thanet on many days over the past week. It also looks like many are legitimate family groups, something often not taken in to account…

    • I agree.
      I have no issue from what i’ve seen from my walks in Blackheath, however people should always dispose of their litter properly.
      It doesn’t take much effort to put rubbish in the nearest bin.

      • Witnesses report large groups into the evening. Personally I don’t care what people take like nitrous but clean up the crap and be respectful.

  • I do have an issue with it. If you live right next to the heath then its not just the littering but the anti social noise. When trying to work from home its very stressful. Afternoons you get men who have been drinking going behind the bins next to my flat to urinate. In the evenings is the noise is unbearable. It was like a festival last night. You can’t relax in your own home. Having to sweep up the nitrous oxide canisters and the littering is the worst i’ve seen in years around here.

    • There is far too much tolerance of ASB these days that gets amplified when certain groups get together to drink, smoke, take drugs, play loud “music” etc. It’s unpleasant, intimidating and unsafe for families with young children.

  • My husband and I, like you, saw last night from our window two police vehicles drive past the church close to several large crowds. We commented to each other that the police appeared not to stop or reprimand the offending large groups of people on the heath, much to our surprise – or rather, annoyance.

    Apart from the current rules re covid being broken, the anti social behaviour they displayed last night by leaving litter strewn across the heath is completely unacceptable and should be nipped in the bud.

  • A friend of mine in the police told me that two days ago they stopped some (teenaged) kids playing football in a park in north London. The kids all shouted, “Cummings!” at them. The man has totally undermined the efforts of the police and I don’t think they can be arsed now (although my mate did not say that).

    • On the plus side, at least they are keeping up with current affairs.

  • The second wave is coming.

  • Lockdown restrictions have only ever been partially adhered to – who amongst us hasn’t had the experience of queuing diligently outside the supermarket only to be clambered over in the pursuit of a can of beans the minute we get inside? But the Blackheath type of antisocial behaviour only goes to show that distancing restrictions were destined to have a limited life, the reason being that many people are selfish and that they just don’t care. And the police not bothering to do anything about it shows that either they think the same or that they’ve been instructed from above to do nothing about certain crimes. Depressingly, I guess it’s back to normal soon, with the inevitable return of stabbings. What should be done? Bring in the army?

  • Really upset by the blatant breaking of lockdown guidance on Blackheath and in Greenwich Park this past week. Groups of twenty plus quite obviously not one household meeting one member from another household. On my way home from work today questioned a police officer, who had pulled up next to the church to buy and eat an ice cream with his colleague. They told me that they could not prove people weren’t from the same household and that trying to break groups up would take away from their proper jobs. Oh and that lockdown was more or less over now!
    Apart from this thoroughly ashamed and confused by the selfish and anti social littering. Literally leave your rubbish where you last had use of it. Most of which is recyclable.


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