Convoys Wharf: Consultation on next phase in Deptford

Developers behind the vast 3,500-home Convoys Wharf project in Deptford may have not lay a single brick years after claiming they needed urgent approval to get moving, yet Hutchison are back with yet another consultation covering a plot on site.

This time it’s for Plot 18 facing the planned Olympia square.

Buff terracotta cladding

This plot will see 335 homes according to the consultation and 1080 square metres of commercial space.

The event can be attended in person offering a rare entrance onto Convoys Wharf, with an event held between 10am – 2pm on Sunday 25th July and 4 – 8pm on Monday 26th.

Map of site

Over seven years ago the developer of this vast site bypassed Lewisham Council and went to then-Mayor Boris Johnson, claiming an urgent decision was needed to progress the scheme. Johnson agreed and approved.

That was in April 2014. By 2021 nothing has happened.

Site overview

Revisions from the approved masterplan have been made for Plot 18, with massing altered from a horseshoe shape to two blocks.

A green link between Sayes Court park and a future square and the Olympia building is planned.

Future link

Since the masterplan was approved in 2014, numerous consultations have been undertaken, a few plans went in and some even approved. Still no onsite progress.

Phase 1 of Convoys Wharf approved. No movement since

It’s another example of an extremely large site in the hands of a single developer who fail to build at any sort of pace – if at all. See also Peabody in Thamesmead and Knight Dragon in Greenwich.

Courtesy Google. Vast Convoys Wharf site

The area was owned by News International (now called New UK) before being sold to the current landowner.

It had previously been a Royal Dockyard and retains great historical value.

You can comment and see further details on these plans by clicking here.



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    5 thoughts on “Convoys Wharf: Consultation on next phase in Deptford

    • This site must have been empty for more than twenty years now since News International moved out and the site sold off o the developer. This goes to show despite a massive housing crisis developers are in no urgency to build on large and around London.

      The Convoys Wharf development will really help to regenerate this area of Deptford. But surely a lot of the planning permission already granted for some of the plots of the development will soon lapse again if construction is not started soon.

      It may also be better for one or two blocks of flats on larger new developments be set aside soley for social housing at
      affordable rents. Dependent on the amount of blocks to be built on the development. This could be considered as part of the planning application process.

    • @CDT I agree this site has been left empty and unused for far too long. This development will help to regenerate Deptford.Providing much need new homes and jobs in construction.

      However, with regard to social housing Labour Councils do not care about social housing or homes to be let at affordable rents on new developments. Council Planners Officers often pass planning permission for new developments with very little social housing or homes at affordable rents.

      Greenwich Council have recently rejected a development in Charlton which was to built to be let at affordable rents. Which means aonther site could be empty and unused for years while new planning applications are made.

    • Is there a risk that a high density development here on a site with maritime historical interest could endanger our Unesco World Heritage Site status, awarded for maritime heritage in RBG. The sheer volume of high rise along the riverside here concerns me, and as it’s prime riverside land it’s more likely to simply attract overseas investors than easing a housing crisis, just as River Gardens has in East Greenwich by Bellway homes. Already Liverpool docks threatened in this way through riverside over-development, other sites such a Stonehenge with its Govt agreed road tunnel (Grant Shapps again!). We have a unique heritage here in Greenwich and Deptford dating back to 1513, over 350 years of building and maintaining warships, and an association with Drake and Raleigh, which we do not always appreciate with housing planning.

    • Does anybody really care what UNESCO think? this area is a prime piece of the puzzle, it wont damage Greenwich in any way having a few tall buildings here, just look at the millions of tourists who climb up Greenwich park to take photos of the skyline.

      Liverpool has transformed and for the better, the city has to live and cannot be confined solely to worship the past, in fact now the museum and apartments are next to the three graces it has never been better.

      Stone Henge was a landmark of civilisation and history long before UNESCO though it worthy, who really cares if they take away their acknowledgment.

    • There’s an issue with the legacy planning, it does not seems to be upto the latest sustianabilty standards which is a massive shame….. This needs to be looked at for the main application, the first plots will be massively of date to regulation by the time they start. I guess the development is moving to avoid new future building regs, which should be seen as the minimum for good building design. Just look at the new builds on creekside, lend lease Deptford and the new one near cutty sark, all overheating all with huge areas of glazing, with residents hanging portable air con extracts oit their windows!!!!

      The development team should be challenged on this and look to design better . As should Lewisham Council. Planning though should be the bare minimum. My worry was these aspects weren’t even addressed in the consultation event…. That doesn’t mean its not considered but it could mean it’s pure tick box, not good design. This will be a hugh issue for the future of the site and legacy it leaves……


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