New DLR trains: Preview video back online

Last year a preview video of new DLR trains under construction from Spanish manufacturer CAF briefly appeared online before quickly being taken down.

Well, now it’s back, so you can gain a decent impression of how new stock will appear when they enter service from 2024. CAF are to build 43 trains, replacing 33 of the existing stock and 10 new additions.

Interior space sees almost no transverse seating facing forward or backs except at the very front and rear – so a lucky few can still “drive”. Seating is almost all longitudinal to increase capacity.

Courtesy CAF. Wheelchair space

The new model has a definite nod towards existing stock with its frontage and headlights:

Courtesy CAF

The stock will have air con and USB sockets.

DLR stock

Out goes red exteriors and in comes turquoise.

They’re walk-through of course. The 30 year old trains had that on arrival though currently walk through units are coupled together somewhat hindering the principle.

Original render for new trains. Design now changed

New stock is in fixed-car formation removing that issue.

Digital screen are located inside, including some for ads it would appear. Cash strapped TfL will be glad to see income from these:

Courtesy CAF. Ad screens

Capacity per train is due to increase about 10 per cent over existing models with transverse seating. Couple with additional trains and the network overall should see capacity increase by nearly a third.

Current DLR stock

Those new trains allow an increase in frequencies on various lines, including to Lewisham and Woolwich Arsenal.

In 2017 TfL stated an introduction of 2022, which has now slipped to 2024+.

Frequency increase

Trains between Stratford International and Woolwich Arsenal could be increased from a frequency every 8-10 minutes to every 4 minutes.

All Stratford to Canary Wharf trains could be extended to Lewisham, removing the need to change platforms at Canary Wharf for those on that route.

The video can be seen here. You can also compare and contrast to other new Metro stock being delivered for CAF heading to Naples, Brussels and Barcelona.


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One thought on “New DLR trains: Preview video back online

  • I have just been reading this article again. I think the new trains and the proposed changes to frequencies with bring some much needed improvements to the DLR and will help to increase capacity on the routes from Woolwich Arsenal and Lewisham.


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