Some drivers turn Blackheath into car park

Car parking on Blackheath has been particular commonplace in recent days with photos showing numerous cars parked on greenery.

However on this occasion action has been taken by Greenwich Council with a number of staff on site seen issuing tickets:

A nice pay day for the council – and these drivers don’t really have anyone else to blame. It’s a public green space not a car park. There’s plenty of good public transport links to the area. It’s selfish behaviour.

I’ve heard that the funfair have put up a sign stating Mayor Sadiq Khan has not allowed parking on the heath. However since 1974 parking has been illegal off the public highway in London under the Greater London (General Purposes) Act 1974. It’s not permitted on pavements or grassed areas unless signs and road markings clearly state it’s allowed. If it was allowed the whole area could become a giant car park in no time.

After years of many drivers blocking pavements and parking on greenery not just in Blackheath but borough-wide, action will be welcomed by many. In the past Greenwich Council didn’t seem to know there was a specific law about parking in London.

If people want to visit an attraction, park where spaces are provided or better yet use other methods where possible.


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6 thoughts on “Some drivers turn Blackheath into car park

  • Yes its a shame people resort to parking wherever they like with no consideration for others, and a good thing they get their just desserts for doing so. More of this could boost council coffers and there is no excuse valid. Any extra funds could be put to good use but will they be? The fair should not be making political comments, especially if unfounded. They have more of a responsibility to control this behaviour and the littering behaviour they attract. If they don’t do so, withdraw permission for the site. And visitors to the park should be using other transport measures, bike it, walk it, or bus it. The disabled should retain their spaces within the park and staff ensure they are only used for those who are genuinely not able to walk. There is often misuse of the badge privilege.

  • Easy pickings for Greenwich council and there is no reason why ticketing is not happening borough wide.

  • Glad to see these selfish people fined. Our green spaces are precious and must not be allowed to be a car park. Blackheath already suffers from the pollution of the often gridlocked road without parking too.

    I noticed Greenwhich council installing some more mismatched bollards in a nearby road. Hopefully the fine income isn’t being used to pay for the Council’s obsession with pointlessly blocking our footways. Would be good so see the income used to pay for enforcement in less lucrative situations so the whole of the boroughs parks and pavements can be free of obstruction.

  • Often, it’s only bollards that prevent this kind of illegal-parking on parks and public spaces.

    We have direct experience of this, as last year, during lockdown, a small park near to where we live in West Greenwich was subject to this kind of behaviour: up to twenty cars were parking on the grass daily, driving over and churning up the ground. Some were residents, others were commuters using the nearby DLR.

    In the end, after reporting it to RBG, the only thing that stopped it was Greenwich Council installing a solid-metal bollard to block the point of entry.

    It’s good that RBG are now again ticketing these offences properly, but in the above case it may have not solved the issue, as wardens cannot work 24 hours, and much of the illegal parking was overnight.

  • Why are people taking their cars to park on Blackheath? If it’s to exercise wouldn’t it be better and cheaper to WALK from home thus getting more exercise?


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