Road changes coming to Thamesmead

Road changes coming to Thamesmead

A road in Thamesmead is to be altered under plans submitted to Bexley Council last week.

Lensbury Way will be realigned and no longer join a roundabout on Harrow Manorway near the entrance to Sainsburys in Abbey Wood.

Road change

Harrow Manorway has seen a major transformation in recent years as one lane in each direction shared by all road users change with a bus lane, general traffic lane and cycle lane in each direction.

New junction awaiting road

Lensbury Way current connection to Harrow Manorway is on the very boundary between Abbey Wood and Thamesmead, and buildings along Harrow Manorway in Thamesmead have been demolished over the past year, as have shops in Abbey Wood beside the roundabout.

Roundabout is past petrol station with now-demolished shops visible

Plans for new homes along the entire stretch of Harrow Manorway will result in the roundabout layout – installed just four years ago – being changed.

Peabody stated last year they were to submit a planning application for homes along Harrow Manorway but as yet nothing has appeared on Bexley Council’s planning pages, and no press releases seen. It could well be another missed deadline from the group.

In place of shops

In place of shops Peabody submitted plans for a temporary “wonder centre”. A place to ponder why the group are so slow to build much-needed new homes.

You can view plans for the road alignment here.


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