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Reports of swans attacked and shot at Thamesmead’s Southmere lake

Southmere lake

Greenwich police have stated that the Wildlife Crime Unit have received reports of swans being shot in Thamesmead.

The shootings are reported at Southmere lake.

Police state: “It’s an offence to kill, injure or take a swan. To report an offence against swans please call 101/999 (if taking place at the time of reporting)”


  1. Dave

    Just scum.

  2. Tim Scott

    If I believed in the death penalty I’d string ’em up.

  3. CDT

    Totally agree with Dave and Tim Scott. They pick on innocent animals as they cannot fight back. If it was an adult person they would fight back and thrash the cowardly culprits to with in a inch of their life,

    Total scum.

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