Home Bargains target early 2021 opening for Charlton store

A retail unit on Bugsby’s Way in Charlton vacated by Wickes is set to become a Home Bargains with an expectation of opening in early 2021.

I covered the closure of Wickes and plan for Home Bargains in August this year (see here) but no dates were known.

Brocklebank Retail Park. Former Wickes

The chain are extremely popular across the UK but have limited branches in the area. Orpington is probably the easiest to reach. Beckton would be, as the crow flies, but the Thames puts paid to that.

Mothercare left a unit in the same retail park – and that has been taken on by Wren Kitchens.




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6 thoughts on “Home Bargains target early 2021 opening for Charlton store

  • I think for most people having lots of large stores in the same area with car parking 100 metres away from the entrance is ideal….but depends 100% if you have a car.
    Like a few others I don’t have a car…
    So any shopping for anything inevitably means that you have to walk to a bus stop and often change buses or whatever to get home….
    It does of course mean that local shopping centres like Woolwich are hollowed out when it comes to large stores…..
    I notice that in some places a Shopping Centre is created in the centre of town which contains lots of shops…cafes…with a pleasant environment but we have yet to see the same being developed in Woolwich

  • Home Bargains look like a B&M style operation, and the old Wickes store is an enormous space to fill.

    Since the road changes in and around Greenwich, I no longer make a beeline to Charlton as often as I used. Mid-morning on a weekday used to be perfect, but now I crawl along all the way from Greenwich town centre.

  • If Khan brings the congestion charge out as far as Woolwich Ferry (as he plans to do) then it will prove a rather expensive shopping trip for anyone living east of Charlton?

    I have shopped in Home Bargains stores, and found it to be much like B & M in the way of part food, part dry goods. But they do not stock all the same lines. They are reasonably priced and they are nice to mooch around if you have the time?

    • No he doesn’t. You’ve fallen for the PR lines.

    • Extension of the congestion charge zone is not part of the settlement with the government, nor is scrapping free travel to those who qualify.

    • Extending the congestion charge zone was not part of the settlement with the government nor was scrapping free travel for those who qualify.


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