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Charlton, Woolwich

Woolwich & Charlton cycle lane blocked by parked cars again – why wait till CS4 to act?

TfL cameras cover the cycle lane. It shows numerous cars parked most times I check (or pass in person)

This week consultation was launched on a cycle lane and major street changes between Woolwich and Greenwich via Charlton.

As we speak, dozens of cars are parked along dual carriageways in Charlton blocking cycle lanes and narrowing road space for buses. This happens every single week. People on social media highlight it to Greenwich Council almost every week.

Existing unprotected cycle lane in Charlton

The cycle and street upgrade looks looks good though will cost millions and take years to come to fruition. It’s far easier and cheaper to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists in the interval using relatively modest steps. Action such as no parking all week, enforcing that and wands to protect existing lane.

Parking is still a mess even after hiring more staff

This is another area where parking is hampering cycling, pedestrian visibility and buses (see Plumstead station and numerous other areas) yet relatively easy fixes are not pursued.

Will it take years before the problems are sorted? And once the new scheme is complete, will people still be able to park where they like with little enforcement?


  1. Graham

    Where are the Parking Enforcement Officers??. So much needed revenue in parking fines goes uncollected every week in the Borough of Greenwich. How much revenue is lost for the Council in uncollected parking fines. Does any one know ?

    If parking fines are issued correctly and payment of fines (revenue) colected promptly. This money could be put to good use providiing front line services for the Council and reducing cuts to essential services affecting children,youths the elderly and disabled.

  2. Chris

    The (24 hour) bus lane from Plumstead to Woolwich was totally blocked again on Friday night by parked cars. Don’t know who is responsible for bus lane parking (council or TFL) but really, what’s the point in having the bloody things if they are just used as parking places?

    • Ashley

      The parking strategy in the Royal Borough is clearly inadequate and not fit for purpose. Surprising if you managed this process rigorously in the first place you wouldn’t have half the problems you see on the roads daily.

      A stronger presence is needed. If any other London Borough can do it why can’t Greenwich? Most of these councils contract out their parking services and receive significant revenues back to fund much required improvements.

      So installing bus lane cameras along all known hotspots such has the notorious Plumstead Station bus lane, Where they double or triple park can be a money maker for Greenwich Council. This also goes for illegal parking to vehicle abandonment. Not forgetting a visible presence by parking wardens on foot and cars with cameras? Different mediums at their disposal.

    • Comment by post author


      TfL only enforce red routes which Plumstead isn’t and neither is Charlton

  3. Roy Tindle

    Don’t forget Charlton Athletic football pitch: at every match, parking is permitted everywhere, including coaches.

  4. Alan Scroggs

    I retired from work 12 years ago and cycled to Oxford Street every day and the cycle lane was blocked then.
    So what chance of a change now.

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