Plan in to build shops and flats in Eltham town centre

A planning application has been submitted by Skillcrown Homes to build 36 flats and new commercial units in Eltham town centre on Pound Place.

The location is near Sainsbury’s car park entrance in a long disused building that housed Stacks. In the past it also housed a Tesco.

Building is on left as seen from Sainsburys car park

The current building has failed to find any retail occupant for some time and is difficult to convert to housing, as the above photograph shows with its extensive brick exterior. Any conversion would involve stripping back to the concrete frame.

Building seen on left

The design is pretty modest and I like the large black-framed corner windows, with more than a hint towards industrial design. Recessed balconies are also welcome. 36 flats of new occupants will also assist local shops with new custom.

It’s hard to see how many could object given the current building is far from attractive, hard to let, and a replacement will provide much needed homes and assist local shops.

Additionally it will bring in income to the local authority which could be allocated to health, schooling, parks and other areas. Whether related income from Section 106, the Community Infrastructure Levy and New Homes Bonus funds does is down to Greenwich Council.

Income also offers a chance to spruce up Pound Place and assist local business such as Cafe Dee, the Fabulous Tea Room and Aromateaco cafe.

Where there will be justified objections is the low level of “affordable” housing. Developers proposed 3 social rent and 1 shared ownership unit. This equates to just 11% affordable housing which is far below the 35 per cent minimum requirement.

Parking levels are low as would be expected in a town centre location. It’s hardly a problem given target occupants will be younger people for whom less and less drive. Public transport links are excellent.

It’s certainly the case that no one who moves will be unaware of parking restrictions.

Click here to view plans.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

4 thoughts on “Plan in to build shops and flats in Eltham town centre

  • I noticed your comment about Parking and awareness of new occupants….
    Where I live now we have no garage or Parking but no doubt when they built the house in 1911 they never anticipated ever buying a car…
    Having wandered around Eltham town centre I’m sure that there are green areas not too far from the town centre but it would have been nice to see an innovative design rather than the same vanilla designs…..treatibg people as part of the Natural World not some building site

  • The 36 new homes will be very much welcomed along with the new retail units and is an improvement on the current building.

    The new development is in a good location close to Eltham High Street providing customers for the local shops pubs and restaurants. The development will also be closed to many bus routes several of which also serve Eltham Station which also can be walked to in about 15 minutes.

    I think this development will be granted planning permission.

  • Murky, Is there any updates on the sale of St Mary’s Place and the upgrading of the The Arcades on Eltham High Street.

    The new homes will be ideally located for the High Street and local amenities.

  • I hope this development will achieve planning permission sooner rather than later. I strongly believe this development will be good for the High Street and local businesses bringing more footfall to Eltham High Street.

    Mixed retail/housing developments do work well and provide much needed homes.


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