Catford station & town centre improvement work takes a step forwards

Plans to improve Catford town centre are moving forward as £1,515,537 in Section 106 income from a new development was allocated to upgrade areas of the town.

The money match funds £1.65 million from the GLA Good Growth Fund which is to “enable feasibility studies for the Catford Constitutional Club (CCC) building that would seek to retain its place in Catford as a community asset and to develop Thomas Lane car park site, to provide for new business and employment opportunities in buildings focused around a public yard”.

Road network will also see major changes in years to come as part of separate project

The report also mentions plans for 100 homes on the car park site.

The £1.52m allocation from Section 106 is money that was initially supposed to build a footbridge between Doggett Road and Barratt’s development on the former Catford Greyhound Stadium site. It is now proposed to divert this money towards other areas as any new bridge has proved to be too expensive with ramps or lifts for disabled access.

The alternative areas for spending are:

“Area 1: Widening of the northern footpath along Catford Road to create safer access from Catford Station to the town centre.

Area 2: Widening the subway between the Wickes/ Halfords site and Adenmore Road to provide a safer and more legible route for cyclists and pedestrians

Area 3: Greening and planting enhancements to the public realm around Catford station area to signal that Catford is a green town centre

The question here is who finds maintenance?

Area 4: The construction of two possible decks over the river to open access and to
create new amenity space. One deck has a proposed location just north of Catford Road, this deck would provide better movement space between stations, a place for waiting and meeting. The other deck would be located further north providing a clear link between Adenmore Road and the Catford Green site with its Sainsbury’s store. This deck could aim to provide a green and park-like environment, away from the noise of the road where there is a chance to engage with the river and with nature. Seating would be incorporated into the design with this in mind.”

Plan to increase space between stations did not proceed

The idea of creating more space in a busy area between two railway stations is needed as plans for a taller block with additional pedestrian space was blocked by the authority, and so a smaller building was constructed that claimed a greater amount of land.

Last month I looked at plans for new housing within the existing one-way system, which is due to see major changes.


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2 thoughts on “Catford station & town centre improvement work takes a step forwards

  • I note all the building throughout Greenwich but not once have I seen any new development of green space where once was either industrial or housing…as mentioned earlier…if the current Greenwich Council had existed earlier…Greenwich Park would already be a housing estate

  • I wonder how long the Sainsburys will remain open. Too small for their desired product range.

    Same with the Woolwich store.


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