Man robs 80 year old woman on bus and attacks elderly partner in Sidcup

Police are looking for a man who robbed an 80 year old woman on a 233 bus, kicked the walking stick of her elderly partner and threatened to spit at a bus driver after trying to board without paying.

The incident occurred on Wednesday 29 June at 12:30pm.

You can see the police story here. The incident occured in Sidcup at Marechal Niel Parade.

Using the borough rather than town in appeals after an incident has occurred isn’t particularly helpful when seeking people who may have been in an area at the time. This was in Bexley borough but the exact location was Sidcup near the Charcoal pub and close to New Eltham.

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The police appeal states:

“Police are appealing for witnesses and information following a robbery in which an elderly woman had her phone stolen.

Officers have also released CCTV images of a male they wish to identify and speak with in connection with the incident.

At approximately 12:30hrs on Wednesday, 29 June, the 80-year-old victim was travelling with her husband on a Route 233 on Marechal Niel Parade in Bexley.

The suspect boarded the bus and refused to pay. He then argued with the driver and threatened to spit at him.

When he saw the victim’s phone in her hand, he grabbed it and kicked her husband’s walking stick before leaving the bus.

Officers from the Roads and Transport Policing Command are investigating. They would like to speak with anyone who recognises the male in the images.

Anyone with information is asked to call police via 101 or 0208 284 9115.”

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8 thoughts on “Man robs 80 year old woman on bus and attacks elderly partner in Sidcup

  • I’d hit the bastard with my walking stick although sounds like he’d just hit back waste of space I hope a member of his family recognise him & reports him IF YOU KNOW HIM DO THE RIGHT THING

  • Words fail me …two frail people in a safe place at the time and a @#@ scumbag attacks hope he gets caught quickly or karma gets him …..those two elderly people will now be traumatized…..very sad …. someone knows him !!!

  • What an utter sack of shite! He should get the longest term that can be imposed! Assaulting an robbing two of our most vulnerable takes a special kind of (I’ll leave you to decide the most appropriate noun)!

  • This happened near to where I live. Good point about the police appeal referring to Bexley rather than a more exact location

  • Firstly this should have been made known to the public much sooner while it is fresh in any witnesses minds so he gets identified and caught much sooner.

    Attacking two elderly vulnerable people just goes to show what a low life cowardly little shite he really is. I would like to think his family or friends would turn him in but they won’t. Which in my opinion makes them just as bad.

    Threatening to spit at a bus driver in these very difficult times of Covid-19 i would give him 5 years for that alone and another 15 years for attacking innocent elderly victims which he did probably to fund an addiction which happens 99 per cent of the time.

    On this occassion thankfully he was not wearing a face mask so this should help indentify him. so the elderly couple and bus driver get the justice they deserve. We definiately need to be turnig now to more eye recognition on CCTV systems as well.

    My heart goes out to the elderly couple they must be totally traumatized by this incident. I wish them well and hope they both recover in time.

  • I totally agree Graham 100 %. Hopefullly we will be caught soon.

  • I totally agree with Graham 100%. Hopefully he will be caught soon.

    It has to be said no face mask on a bus why do they think the rules do not apply to them.

    Must remember to check my typing before posting comments.

  • Disgusting attack and behavior!
    Don’t bus drivers not have a panic/emergency button when there is a real threat/crime on the bus?
    The mask situation is going to get complicated. It’s a good thing he didn’t wear one so he can be identified, and I can see criminals exploiting the situation by wearing masks to hide their anonimmty.


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