Police close Greenwich street after serious incident

A street outside Greenwich railway station has been closed this morning after a suspected stabbing overnight.

A man presented himself in hospital after the incident around 2am.

Buses were on diversion this morning.


Police sealed off Greenwich High Road at the junction with Greenwich South Street.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

13 thoughts on “Police close Greenwich street after serious incident

  • A lot more as got to be done to stop to knife and violent crimes. .

    I though as part of Greenwich Councils budget last year they put a lot of money in to the Violent Crime Reduction Unit. To help fight and reduce violent crimes in the Borough,

    But we are still seeing crime rise on a daily basis. If Greenwich Council go ahead with leaving parks unlocked at night crime will continue to rise and areas will become no go areas.

    As a section 60 been put in place?

  • West Greenwich started to deteriorate on a crime level when Mayor Boris decided to close the local Police station. Last year there were even two stabbings on Royal Hill; site of the former police station…

    I’m sure the luxury apartments that replace it will provide wonderful opportunities for overseas investors and flight-capital from corrupt regimes all the same…

  • I do not disagree with you EthiccsGradient.

    However, far too many Police Stations have been sold off under both Mayors of London Boris Johnson and Sadiq Khan,so luxury flats can be built on there sites.

    Sadly luxury flats do not fight crime or help to save lives.

    We need local homes for local people. However, I would have preferred that the Police Stations remained opened serving local communities.

  • The opinions I express above are based on actual experience of living directly in the area referred to in the article, and seeing the first hand effects.

    “ The police station closed in 2016 after approval was given from then Mayor Boris Johnson and his Deputy Mayor for Policing Stephen Greenhalgh.”

    – fromthemurkydepths, April 25 2019.

  • “ The sales have softened the blow of large cuts to the Met’s budget triggered by decisions by the coalition and Conservative governments to cut and then restrict police funding.

    Scotland Yard has had to make £600m of savings since 2010 but was able to maintain frontline officers at the 31,000 level. However, the force now says that it is under even greater pressure as it has another £400m in savings to find by 2020.”

  • I think Graham was possibly referring to Eltham Police Station and further cuts to Police Station Front Counters that have been closed meaning residents in some areas of London can no longer pop in to their local Police Stations to report crimes.

    “The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced plans to close Eltham Police Station. The Police Station plays an important role allowing residents to report crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, it is also home to a number of back office facilities and processes carried out within the Borough” As reported on 02/11/2017.

    This site is for local residents to get their comments and views local issues.

    So i would ask that any Political Activist who may use this site take other people views in to account. As a multi cultural area with with a large diversity of people that have different ideas on certain subjects that we all respect each others views.

    Many people who post on here including myself are just local residents who care about local issues local people and care about the area and Borough that I and they live in.

    I am passionate about the Borough of Greenwich and think we live in the one of the best Boroughs in London with so much open spaces and history. Lets keep it that way.

    • “I think Graham was possibly referring to Eltham Police Station”

      = The dialogue is about West Greenwich, where I live, not Eltham.

      “This site is for local residents to get their comments and views local issues.”

      = Which is exactly who I am: a resident of West Greenwich, who has lived and worked here for over twenty years and has engaged in many community projects in the area.

      I’m not an activist, I’m just expressing my point of view, as you do. 

      I may have views you don’t like, but they are mine only.

      There are those engaging in ‘political activism’ on here; some of which border on blatant propaganda, but I don’t see taking issue with them; quite the opposite, I seeing you supporting an agreeing with them.

      It’s a simple affair to check this.

      So, I agree, let’s ameliorate that kind of engagement on here.

      Kind regards.

  • Another £400m police cuts to be made?? I find this extremely difficult to even contemplate, with the level of serious street-crime prevalent today. How can this be justified?

  • EthicsGradient I did not say you were an activist personally,

    Maybe I worded incorrectly so it came across that way I really apologise to you wholeheartedly.

    I do believe you care about the area you live in like me. Having lived in the Borough all my life I care about the area I live the Borough of Greenwich and local services. I wish there were more people like us who took pride in and cared about the areas they live in.

    However, sadly in some areas the Council has let them go in to decline.so areas look dirty and unappealing for residents and visitors to the Borough.

    However, with the right investment in services and regeneration the Borough can be great again for everyone.

  • Appreciated. Best wishes.


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