Further details creep out on new Greenwich cycle lane

While Greenwich Council refuse to divulge details of numerous street projects there are luckily staff within the council who don’t feel the need to be so secretive.

Alongside Freedom of Information requests, staff are the ones telling information that for whatever reason senior staff and councillors seem content to hide. PR releases with next to no detail seems to be the preferred measure rather than detailed plans shared with the public.

Courtesy Google. Space in central reservation to be used

I’ve been contacted to say that the cycle lane in Greenwich will result in work taking place to remove guardrail in the central reservation to both the west and east of Angerstein roundabout.

Guardrail in centre of road is to go. Unsure about those lining the road

This frees up a lot of street space currently wasted. Should also be a fair bit less ugly too.

It’s unknown whether railings lining the road will go as has happened across much of London.

What I expect is cycle lanes will run either side of Woolwich Road, before dedicated cycle signals will see them cross traffic to the centre of the road then head below the flyover before possibly a similar arrangement to the east where lanes will again diverge to each side of the road. Phase 2 starts there.

Contentiously some pedestrian refuges are likely to be be removed to the west of the flyover.

Courtesy Google. Looking down Woolwich Road heading towards central London

The road is narrow and providing a protected lane and general traffic lane is tight. Annoying there is enough space for all users to be accommodated with land to the right – yet it’s private.

This is the Speedy Hire site and I’ve long expected an imminent housing development given the location. If/when it does, hopefully planning officers push for enough space for sufficient paving space and a crossing alongside a cycle lane and general traffic lane.

In the near term there’s no word on any other crossings but again, Greenwich keep quiet on these things so you never know.


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9 thoughts on “Further details creep out on new Greenwich cycle lane

  • that central guard rail was put in – following a residents’ campaign – to try and prevent illegal U turns – which were happening every few minutes. How will the U-turners mix with the cyclists. Doesn’t sound good to me.

    • That’s what CCTV is for. No idea why Greenwich waited nearly 20 years for authorisation. Just one of three London authorities never to have done so. Could be a nice earner initially – and word will get out

    • Another thought – could have wands either side of cycle lanes/stopping point in the centre or along centre of road before cyclist stopping point. In terms of some shouting loudly it’s no reason to ignore the evidence – and we know guardrail often increases risks and deaths. Also makes places look bloody awful. Greenwich could possibly have got more for the old library if the area wasn’t so bad.

  • They have removed a number of refuge islands along Woolwich Road this week.

    Left an eyesore at the finished one outside Sainsbury’s at the Greenwich Centre. Hope they are replacing them with zebra crossings.

    • I think that must be part of it. Recently some other areas were changed and I thought for this project but then it turned out it was the tideway work. To confuse things some of that may have been delayed from spring due to covid. If Greenwich just released plans it’d be so much easier for everyone to know and highlight any flaws.

  • They have removed a number of pedestrian islands along Woolwich Road this week.

    Don’t know what they are replacing them with, hopefully zebra crossings.

    • Lets hope the islands are replaced with either zebra crossings or pelican crossings. Woolwich Road is a very busy and dangerous road to try and cross.

  • Notice some old pubs have been demolished over the last few years which could have been refurbished and reused….but any thoughts of historic context was just ignored…lucky this Council wasn’t making decisions last 200 years ago

  • Greenwich council don’t have a clue .blind leading the blind .


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