Woolwich Tesco closed as man arrested with knife and firearm

9:45PM UPDATE: Woolwich Tesco superstore has been sealed off by police tonight and shoppers told to evacuate after a major incident which saw a man arrested with a knife and firearm.

Earlier this evening witnesses reported an armed man and being told to run for exits by police.

Courtesy TimmySammy Coyne

Greenwich Council leader Danny Thorpe has stated there are believe to be no reported injuries.

Greenwich Police have just released this information at 9:42pm:

“ARREST | Man arrested after being found in possession of a knife, a firearm and a quantity of powder near Tesco in General Gordon Sq just after 6pm today. No reports of any injuries. Man remains in custody and enquiries ongoing.”

Police have closed both the car park entrance and sealed the green space in front of the store leading to the main entrance.

More soon.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

3 thoughts on “Woolwich Tesco closed as man arrested with knife and firearm

  • OMG this is terrible what the hell is happening in this Country nowdays if was never this bad in the passed.

    We must get a hell of a lot tougher on knife and firearm crimes. This is getting out of hand and needs to be tackled full on. Thank god know one was hurt in this incident.

    This is not the time for do gooders. If they cannot do the time they should not do the crime.

  • If this chap wasn’t actively planning on robbing the place the balance of probability is that he has emotional or psychological issues made worse by five weeks of isolation. NHS provision for such people was pretty poor beforehand, and that’s not factoring how much our front line services are at the risk of burnout.

    Despite all the talk about how our emergency services will be rewarded after the pandemic is over, I honestly don’t buy it. Case in point: medical premises such as GPs, dentists, physiotherapists etc are exempt from rates relief that other businesses are able to claim. Not all of them have NHS contracts or are on Harley Street. These practices have lost custom due to the lockdown but are still being expected to pay business rates to the local council. My podiatrist has had to resort to a donation campaign to keep her clinic going. She’s volunteered to return to the NHS, is still treating vulnerable patients in care homes and hospices and yet has to rely on donations to stay afloat.

    It takes years to recruit and train skilled clinicians. Nurses to care for you, physios to help you get your breathing and strength back, podiatrists to stop you from losing your toes or your circulation. Recruitment has hit an all-time low after the bursaries were pulled. Couple this with medical practices going bankrupt and there’s going to be a lot more to worry about than some nutter wandering around with a kitchen knife and pistol.

  • I do respect you Charles, But to be totally honest there is no excuse for knife or gun crime and anyone involved in these crimes do need to be dealt with swiftly by the courts. Where medical reports and assessments can be requested.

    Why do people think it is alright to be in possesion of a knife ot gun in the UK as if it is completely normal ??

    It really is not and is a very serious offence which has to be dealt with before even more lives are lost needlessly on the streets of London.

    I agree our NHS including the London Ambulance Service and our Police Forces and other front line services are at breaking point at the moment due to the Coronavirus and can well do with out having to deal with the victims of knife and gun crime which is so needless and pointless.


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