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Crayford, Woolwich

Calls to stop dumping rubbish outside charity shops

Outside Woolwich shop this week

In recent weeks the ongoing issue of people dumping items outside closed charity shops has come to the fore as shuttered shops result in piles of rubbish.

Even in “normal” times some people dump rubbish outside charity shops resulting in charity shop workers having to clear up in the mornings, with items often soaked from overnight rain and only good for the bin. Those same charity shops have to pay for disposal. In recent weeks with shops shut there’s no one to pick up the items.

One particular hotspot is outside a charity shop beside Aldi in Crayford. It’s became a mess and health hazard.

It’s not uncommon at many other town centres.

Bexley Council regard the issue as flytipping and will look to track and fine anyone leaving items.



  1. Simon

    Some people are truly as thick as a brick!

  2. People simply do not take any notice of the sign asking not to leave stuff outside the shop when it is closed. They brought it and are reluctant to come back when the shop is open. The ‘bins’ outside the Sally Army shop in Lewisham is always surrounded by scattered items and is possibly the worst example I have ever seen.

  3. Charles Calthrop

    Shows how little has changed on the one hand – people still have enough income to buy new things and look to dispose of the old. Putting it in front of the charity shop not only saves them using their own bin but they can justify the spend as ‘doing a bit of good’. Not stopping to think if the charity will reopen or the volunteers want something that may have come from a house with a handful of people who should be in isolation. You hit the nail on the head Simon

    • ‘… people still have enough income to buy new things and look to dispose of the old.’

      We don’t know that this is the case. People have been buying all sorts of things online out of sheer boredom.

    • Chris Nash

      This is not a COVID-19 specific problem. Fly-tipping outside of charity shops has been happening for decades, despite plenty of signs and warnings not to do this. People are just lazy.

  4. CDT

    I agree I have several bags of clothes to go to a charity shop or for clothes recycling. They are all still in my home waiting for them to re-open after lockdown.

    I have not brought any new clothes I have just took the opportunity why I am at home shielding to have a really good sort out of clothes i have not worn in years or do not fit anymore, I washed and ironed them before packing them in bags.

    I would never dream of leaving them outside a charity shop over night or while they are closed as this is a pet hate of mine. Another is neighbours dumping rubbish in my wheely bins which i pay to be washed. .

    • Simon

      It’s people that don’t crush cardboard boxes etc and just stick em in the recycling bin so it overflows that bugs me.

  5. CDT

    Absolutely Simon I agree with you there.

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