Woolwich market stall found selling “non-compliant” face masks

Greenwich Council have put out a press release stating action has been taken against a Woolwich stall selling “non-compliant” masks.

The council state:

“Most recently, we have prevented a stall in Woolwich from trading as they were in breach of coronavirus regulations and were selling protective equipment, such as face masks, that were non-compliant.”

Items must be quality assured to be sold as a face mask rather than a face covering.

A stall was established near Tesco off Love Lane which could be the site of the stall. I was surprised to see it operating given the location history close to the Woolwich Centre. It’s a site where Greenwich previously blocked a pizza stall.

Everyone using public transport from 15th June will be required to wear face coverings. This is another area where the UK has lagged behind other nations. Many Asian nations enacted measures in January – in part due to already common cultural practices partly a result of prior infectious disease.

Many European nations followed suit from February. The UK Government denied masks were effective for many months until suddenly changing course last night. A tad late perhaps.

The issue in Woolwich was highlighted as part of a wider story about millions of items being seized at Heathrow including fake hand sanitiser.


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16 thoughts on “Woolwich market stall found selling “non-compliant” face masks

  • Im also confused. Your average face mask isnt compliant anyway so on what grounds is the market stall being targeted?

    • My guess is that they were selling masks that were maybe advertised as being N95 compliant when they weren’t????

      • If it’s the same stall I saw, then yup, that’s it. I can’t remember what they were being advertised as but I remember thinking, how have they got hold of those masks for that price? and being suspicious.

        • Kit, Your not being suspicious I was thinking the same to be totally honest.

          You cannot help but wonder if situations this around the Country has left our key workers in Hospitals Care Homes, Home Carers, Bus drivers etc etc with out much needed PPE over the last few months,

          In this instance I do not think stalls are not permitted in the area byTesco/s/Love Lane by Greenwich Council and the stalll holder may have also been breaking covid-19 restrctions.

          Counterfeit goods can often cause serious harm or much worse. So please please be careful.


          • Really good point about the potential harm these products can cause, Graham. I’ve seen hand sanitizer for sale that frankly looks homemade. Not only is it unlikely to be effective, it could cause damage to skin, lungs and eyes. There were some very graphic adverts run over Christmas, years ago, warning people that bootleg booze could have absolutely horrific side effects and those pictures have always stuck with me.

            Putting dodgy products out for sale is simply taking advantage of the worried and the desperate, who can’t find or can’t afford legit protective items.

  • Lot of confusion evident – six months ago very few people had a need to know the difference between N95 and N99 masks. You still see people overbidding on ebay for fine-particle decorators masks (excellent for dust, useless against waterborne particles) because they blur the line on the types of protection offered.

    Ultimately the mask and gloves are no substitute for common sense and may even offer a sense of false protection. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them extremely well (it’s all in the drying). Alchohol gel over 70% is a useful temporary barrier and at home invest in virucidal spray to wipe down your clothes or work surfaces. You can get these from catering suppliers or online (look for one with a 1min contact time).

  • Don’t touch your face. The virus is transferred through membranes in the eyes and nose as well as via the mouth. Proper washing of the hands is sound advice, but keeping your hands away from the face and the pathways for the virus is vital.

    I was in Moorgate a couple of weeks’ ago and the big M&S was selling a pack of three disposal masks for £3. I suspect, however, that they won’t be so readily available in local shops.

  • Personally I would be very sceptical from buying off a stall like this as they are probably not licenced stall holders.

    Anonymous201481 gives some very sound advice above.

  • @ Anonymous201481 – The M&S Food Hall in Woolwich has had the £3 tri-pack of disposable masks in stock for a few weeks now.

  • Brilliant thanks Anonymous201481 and YS people that have to use the buses to get to and from work will need theseso thank you both for updating.

    All other transport use is still restricted due to less passengers being able to travel on the buses at one time.

  • The Delphis masks are out of stock, surprised NOT. As they are reusable, they would represent better value than the box of 50, but it is now just a case of buying legitimate stock while you still can.

    I have stopped taking buses and am using the car for food shopping trips. It was always my intention when I moved here because there is only one bus into Lewisham, but not having the commuter parking in my road means I am able to park outside or near my front door when I get back.


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