An empty Eltham High Street during lockdown

This photo was sent to me showing Eltham High Street nearly deserted on a spring evening during lockdown.

The shot is interesting in its own right for showing an extremely quiet High Street even for the time of day. Look closer and a number of things stick out. The empty sky bar above the cinema. What impact will current events have on that opening?

Eltham High Street in busier days

Then there’s the closed charity shop for Greenwich Community Hospice opposite. They like many other charities are badly struggling right now and currently have an appeal for help.

With it difficult to get out and about to visit areas for new posts as before current events I’m grateful to people who’ve sent in emails and photos. If you have some good shots of places in lockdown (only if passing on essential journeys of course) or other images of interest send them to and I’ll put them up on new posts.

The empty estate shortly before demolition

That’s how last week’s post looking at Morris Walk estate in Woolwich shortly before the bulldozers come in was created, and I have others of work starting on TfL’s scheme for hundreds of new homes in Kidbrooke to put up.

Approved late 2019 with work underway

Many thanks to all who keep emailing in, and if you want to feel free. Take care.

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Many thanks

J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

4 thoughts on “An empty Eltham High Street during lockdown

  • At last, there is order on the streets of Eltham. Pity it took such a severe event to achieve this.

  • The area around Bow and Roman Road is still busy on a daily basis. There’s no downturn in spending if the 30min queues around Iceland, Poundland and Tesco are anything to go by. For a half mile all you’ll see are jogging couples or people visiting shops for daily groceries. Islington has less but the patisserie style coffee shops are still encouraging hip types to gather and stick two fingers up at social distancing. I don’t think that they even realise – yesterday I had a group of five or six (the ladies all had wine bottles) chatting happily outside my flat for almost a half hour before realising that they were running late for the party.

    Now seeing Canary Wharf deserted on the other hand is definitely in the 28 Days Later category

  • These are the scenes we need to see on a daily basis if we are to beat this virus once and for all and bring the country back out of lock down. So we can rebuild our economy quickly by workers temporary laid off under furlough returning to work.

    I am sad to see that professional footballers who should know better and some sections of our communities continue to ignore the social distanicng rules and carry on gathering at relatives homes. etc. The rules do apply to you too !!

    We have to take this very seriously including social distancing rules if we are beat Covid-19 anytime soon.

  • I walked through Blackheath Village this morning and discovered two open cafes, a kitchen shop with two customers inside as well as a business that mainly deals in appliances, with a sideline of cleaning requisites. This last shop was not actually letting anyone cross the threshold, but the door was open with a member of staff standing nearby to see what people wanted.

    The supermarkets are now a lot better and if you go reasonably early in the day, there is no standing in line. Tesco is taking things seriously with wipes for the trolley, arrows on the floor indicating one way traffic, and everybody queuing at a designated point until a checkout is available. The self-service tills have been closed off.


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