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Greenwich & Bexley Hospice asks for urgent help as fundraising ceases and charity shops close

Greenwich and Bexley Hospice are asking for help from the public after being hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

They’ve seen a sharp fall in income as normal revenue sources such as fundraising has dried up with cancellations of events such as the London Marathon. In addition charity shops have closed.

If you can help they have a page to do so here. 

It costs £23,000 a day to run the Hospice and without income they cannot sustain operations.

The charity cares for those in the hospice plus has staff care for over 400 people living at home.


  1. CDT

    Sadly has people’s income drops due to the current Coronavirus crisis this will have a knock on affect to charity donations etc.

    Personally I have always thought that Hospices should be partly funded by Central Government, The NHS and Local Authorities in this case Royal Borough of Greenwich and London Borough of Bexley with the rest being made up from charity donations.

    Hospices provide a vital services in our local communities and help take pressure of the NHS and families and help to make a very difficult and sad time easier for both patients and their families.

  2. Simon Hoskins

    Thanks for keeping us informed. I’ve donated what I can. These places are so very important. I’m sure we all know a family member or friend who’s been touched by cancer. I lost someone nearly 15 years ago but I remember the care that he received in a hospice and also the support they gave my family.

    • Lord Lew Can

      My mother passed away in that hospice 3 years ago. The care, attention and peace she received from the incredible staff in that building in her final week of life was simply remarkable and something I will never forget. She went from an absolutely torrid time stuck in a lonely hospital side room, to a place of calm and love. Please give generously if or when you can. We never know when we or our loved ones may be in similar need.

  3. Graham

    I agree Hospices do need some form of public funding on top of the charity donations they receive.

  4. CDT

    Lord Lew Can. Very sorry to hear of your sad loss of your mother. I agree witth you great care provided by some truely amazing people.

    Please give generously to the Greenwich and Bexley Hospice appeal.

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