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Glazing applied as Vue Eltham cinema moves closer to opening

Eltham’s forthcoming Vue cinema continues to make steady progress as glazing is now being applied to the “sky bar”.

Much of the upper floors have now had cladding applied. Behind will be six screens bringing a cinema back to Eltham which should boost the town centre.

This is how the building should appear when complete in early 2019. The six screen should total around 900 seats.

Restaurant space is being taken up by Nandos and Pizza Express.  The lease with Vue and Pizza Express is for 25 years and Nandos is 20 years, with rent reviews every five years.

The cinema is being funded by Greenwich Council. Costs increased from £14 million to £20.8 million.


  1. Claire

    The cinema is BEING FUNDED BY GREENWICH COUNCIL? Is that a joke? I cannot believe my eyes.

  2. John

    What’s wrong with that? Presumably the council owns the land and the building so gets any capital growth, and gets ongoing revenue from the commercial leases, as well as retaining control of the development for the future.

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