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Woolwich Tesco car park closed after fire and flooding

Renting flats like this is very expensive for many

Tesco’s car park at their Woolwich superstore is closed today after a fire saw sprinklers activated causing flooding in places.

The fire occured is last night and is also believed to have caused some damage to utilities in the structure.




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  1. Graham

    I wonder what started the fire. in the car park. I know some of the Woolwich street drinkers used to go in the car park to congregate in the evenings and during in bad spells of weather. But do not know if they still do. As many are being sensible and adhereing to the lockdown rules.

    Thankfully there are no reports of anyone being injured which is the most important thing.

    I am sure the cause of the fire will be investigated to determine the actual cause.

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